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Your Departure Tax

Did You Purchase Departure Tax & Send Us Your Passport Information?

If you purchased your international departure tax when you bought your itinerary and you sent us the scans of your passports, we will deliver the filled out forms in your Welcome Packet.

To avoid losing them, put each form inside the passport that it belongs to and put the passports with the forms in a safe place.

Purchased Departure Tax But Did NOT Send Us Passport Information?

If you did not send us your passport scans, we will need to get your passport information from you after you have arrived in the country. We prefer a scan because this way we are SURE that your name and passport number is filled out correctly on the form. Forms that have discrepancies will be rejected by security and it’s time consuming, nerve wracking and can lead to paying for the tax again! If you end up having to get this sorted out at the airport on your day of departure,

Normally your first transfer guide will request the information. We will then deliver the forms at a convenient location during the course of your trip. When you get them, please be sure to store them with your passports in a safe place.

If you don’t want to give us any passport information, we will give you the blank forms and you can fill them out. Be careful to fill the forms with the exact same name and passport number in your passport. Mistakes will be rejected by security.


Did Not Purchase International Departure Tax?

If you did not purchase your departure tax in advance, you will need to buy it during the course of your trip or at the airport.

Many hotels offer this service, check with your hotels to see if you can purchase it beforehand.

You can also buy your departure tax at the airport. If you are facing your airline counter, the bank that sells the departure tax will be behind you in the far right corner of the terminal. Our airport is quite small and only has one terminal; TSA is on one extreme and the bank that sells the departure tax is on the other.

You will see a counter with 10-15 tellers and a line of people. If you are getting to the airport on your own and do not have your departure tax, we highly recommend that you get to the airport with the required 3 hours before your flight time. This line can sometimes be extremely long and you’ll need the extra time.

Airport Procedure with Forms in Hand

On your day of departure, when you enter the airport, go directly to the airline carrier counter. Hand your passport with your filled out departure tax form (if you provided us with the information we will have done that for you) to the security officer on duty. They are usually at the beginning and the middle of the line that leads to the airline counter. He or she will check your form against your passport and sign off on it.

Once the security officer has signed off on your departure tax form, you may proceed with the airline check in process.

Even if you have already checked in for your flight online, you still need to show your passport and departure tax to the security officer at the airline counter. If you try to go straight through security you will be directed to the airline counter.

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