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San José, Costa Rica

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Vital Information - The earlier you send us this information the better.

In order for us to finalize all preparations for your vacation we need you to provide the following information for each participant.

Traveler Information


The reason we need the scan or photo of the name and number of your passports is so that we can issue your departure taxes. If you don’t send us a copy of each person’s passport, we will not be able to print each person’s departure tax, receipt and form for immigration.

If you would rather not send us a photo or scan of your passports, the alternative is for us to give you the blank forms which you can fill out on your own.

You can also buy your departure tax when you arrive at the airport you are leaving Costa Rica. During peak times the lines tend to be long and it can take you anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours to stand in line to pay the $29 tax.

Having your departure tax in hand is a requierement for checking in with your airline.

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