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Esteban Biamonte is a biologist very passionate about birds, as well as any other kind of living creature. He started carrying his binoculars everywhere when he was 18, and has not stop doing it since.
While studying at the University of Costa Rica he was Teacher’s Assistant for the ornithology course for three years and also worked for the Museum of Zoology taking care of the bird collection. His passion for wildlife and being in the field has led him into guiding, where he can share with others the beauty of Costa Rica. He is a certified guide by the Costa Rican Board of Tourism and has led groups all over the country for a decade. Sharing thoughts and experiences with so many people from all over the world has awakened his passion for traveling and now he always looks forward to getting to know new places and people. If you like talking about nature, Esteban is the kind of person you will enjoy sharing your time with.