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Senior Travel Planner

Born December 20, 1979, Sofía was raised in Heredia, Costa Rica. From the ages of 6 to 10 she lived in England, which accounts for her very good command of the English language. Both her love for nature and her country, comes from memories of her childhood when her parents took her to the many of the National Parks of Costa Rica. These trips were a major factor in her decision to study Biology at the University of Costa Rica. 

Sofia began working with us as a Naturalist Guide in November of 2003. What she liked the most about guiding was the opportunity help her guests reflect on the complicated relationship between man and nature. "I am not an extremist," she says. "Many conservationists see only one side of the story. I like to give a balanced picture." 

When Sofia was in training as a guide, here is what legendary biology teacher from Nolan High School in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Joe Kuban, had to say about her:

"She was absolutely wonderful. The students were amazed that she was just a naturalist guide-in-training. I think she is mature beyond her years. Clearly, she has a grasp of ecology and natural history of organisms in Costa Rica...I would highly recommend her for any group visiting Costa Rica. She has the right passion and motivation/work ethic to be a fabulous guide." 

After 7 years as a Naturalist Guide, Sofia and her husband Luis Alonso have started a family. Their son, Gael, was born November 2010 and their baby girl, Zoe was born in October 2012.

As a result, Sofia has decided to apply her knowledge in the field to designing itineraries for Guests as a Travel Planner. Her experience in the field and as a Travel Planner is sure to be a great asset to her guests.  When not working or taking care of Gael and Zoe, Sofia enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities with her husband, Luis Alonso, and playing with her three Labradors.

Meet Sofia and watch her talk about one of her favorite past guests: