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Born in San Jose on October 15, 1964, Gerardo, also known as "Siau," has been guiding whitewater rafting expeditions since 1986. He grew up on his fatherís farm in Turrialba where he spent most of his time outdoors riding horses and playing in the rivers and fields.

His river career started by coincidence, when 17 years ago, he decided to go for a morning run and a pickup truck drove by with a raft on the roof. They stopped and asked him if he would go to the river with them, as they needed another paddler that day. He agreed to go, and heís been on the river ever since. Siau has participated and organized a number of rafting expeditions and competitions starting in 1991, when he was a member of the Costa Rican team for the world championship, Project Raft. Since then, he has been team captain for the Camel White Water Challenge team and the Foto Linda Rafting National Championship.

When not on the river, which isnít very often, Siau spends his time working on his photography, horseback riding, camping in the mountains and reading. He is an accomplished cook.