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Senior Travel Planner

Priscilla started working for us in Nov. 1997, when she first came to CRE as an intern from a local university. We were so impressed with her ability to learn quickly, her dedication to “Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories,” as well as her ability to get things done, that we offered her a position as sales assistant. In 1998 she became a Travel Planner. Today Priscilla is a Senior Travel Planner handling the most upscale of our clientele.

She has come to specialize in designing natural history and special interest and affinity group trips. She also plans honeymoons, anniversaries, and other vacations featuring celebrations.

Tortuguero is her favorite place to visit—for the wildlife, the people and the town—and she loves to share the wonders of that wilderness with her sons Randy and Santiago. Born on Oct. 31, 1976, Priscilla loves dancing and music. She has recently ventured into the world of theater and claims there is no better way to forget the hustle and bustle of the office than to show up for rehearsal.

Meet Priscilla and watch her talk about one of her favorite past guests:

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