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How Do I Get In Touch With You

We have staff on duty to assist you from 5:30am – 8:00pm, 365 days a year.

If you need to contact us while you are in the country, below are the numbers.

If you are arriving at the San Jose airport and we are meeting you there, you do not need to print this because we will provide a card with these numbers in your welcome packet.

If you do not have a transfer from the international airport in San Jose, or arriving at the airport in Liberia, it’s a good idea to print this and put it with your travel documents.

During office hours 5:30am – 8:00pm: Telephones: 2257-0766 and 2521-6099

After hours, Operations Staff: Cell Phone 8707-5212

Sales & Operations Manager, Diego Blanco: 8879-3821

CEO & Founder, Michael Kaye: Home: 2228-2208, Cell: 8844-1810

If you don't see a phone nearby, and don't have your cell phone, no problem for a wonderful reason... As confirmed by two recent surveys, Costa Ricans may be the happiest people on earth. And their friendliness and helpfulness are legendary. Also, most of them have cell phones. So, simply show someone the following paragraph, and they'll usually welcome you calling us on their phone.

I'm on vacation with Costa Rica Expeditions, and need to reach someone there. If you have a cell phone, would you be willing to let me call them at this number? 2521-6099.

Estoy de vacaciones con Costa Rica Expediciones, y necesito localizar a alguien allá. Si usted tiene un teléfono celular, me podría hacer el favor de dejármelo para llamar a este número? 2521-6099.