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Meet Our Executive Team

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Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Michael Kaye first met Gordon when he was toiling away for long-time Costa Rica Expeditions’ client, International Expeditions in Helena, Ala. When International Expeditions became part of, Michael quickly snatched Gordon for a temporary assignment in Costa Rica. The “temporary” assignment that began in early 2002 continues to this day.

Gordon, who has degrees in both economics and political science, uses his talents to observe the economic rhythms of Costa Rica Expeditions, converting those rhythms into understandable information for managing the business and predicting the future. When not observing rhythms in the office, he enjoys a state of bliss with his partner, Javier, 6 cats, 5 chickens, a happy rooster, and a dog named Bryce, on their farm halfway up the side of a dormant volcano overlooking the Central Valley and San Jose. Gordon has lived all over the US, but most recently is from Boca Raton, Florida. His birthday is Aug. 15, 1948.