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La Leona Lodge

Region:Corcovado & Osa Peninsula
Habitats:Beach / Tropical Rainforest

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Transport Time to/from Corcovado & Osa Peninsula
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Plane & bus:1 hrs


This lodge is 5 mins. from the entrance to Corcovado National Park on the Pacific Ocean. From the Carate airstrip, guests must walk about 45 mins. to the Lodge. Here you will sleep in tents in front of the beach; each tastefully arranged and strategically positioned to provide privacy. There are 16 tents, most with one double bed. Others have two twin beds or are set up for single travelers. All tents have front porches with two armchairs, where you can sit and enjoy ocean and sunset views. Some tents have adjacent private baths, however, the majority share an outside bathroom house with four showers and toilets. All tents have insect-proof screening. The lodge’s property includes a dining area facing the ocean, which features typical Costa Rican and international fare, and an 84-hectare private reserve with an extensive trail network. Tours in Corcovado National Park and a waterfall hike are available, as well as horseback riding. Hot climate.

Our ecological lodge is beachfront, providing a spectacular panoramic view overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and this might be the reason why our guests have expressed that “this is like being in paradise”. All activities within La Leona Eco Lodge Corcovado, Costa Rica are directed towards the care of the environment and thus are highly committed to conservation, recycling and to the protection of resources and animals.

The design of the rooms (tents-cabins) allows the visitor to enjoy from his deck the scenic beauty of this remote place, to feel the refreshing ocean breeze, contemplate a romantic and colorful sunset or simply feel the magic of being surrounded by a tropical rainforest with all its aromas and sounds, which definitely will take him to Paradise. For your convenience our Eco- hotel offers tours to the Corcovado area and also restaurant service.

Corcovado National Park Hike: $50.00 p/p. Min. 2 participants. 4-5 hours. Depart at about 6 a.m. The path will quickly lead us into the Park, where you’ll soon see and hear our constant friends throughout the tour: Spider Monkeys overhead in the trees. Continuing on the trail, you may see other animals such as coatis, peccaries, tapirs and a large variety of marine and forest birds, particularly sparrow hawks, red macaws, trogons, pelicans and seagulls. With luck, there is a chance of spotting some of Costa Rica’s shyest and most endangered inhabitants: Tapirs, Jaguars and Harpy Eagles.

Madrigal River Hike: $40.00 p/p. Min. 2 participants. 2-3 hours. Walk on a trail lined by secondary forest that runs parallel to the beach for two kms to the mouth of the Madrigal River. Several small creeks offer opportunities to observe birds and mammals. It is not unusual to spot White-faced Monkeys, Tamandua and Red-capped Manakins along the way. Upon arrival at the mouth of the Madrigal River, you will hike upstream on the riverbank. The terrain makes for easy walking and among the Crysophila palms and woody vines you may discover wildlife. There will be time for a swim in a fresh water swimming hole, then backtrack downstream to end up on the beach.

Carate River Canyon Hike: $50.00 p/p. Min. 2 participants. 5-6 hours. Walk for about an hour on the beach to the mouth of the Carate River. Once there, head east walking on the edge of the river into a canyon covered in secondary forest. The further upriver you walk, the more impressive the forest becomes as you transition from secondary to primary forest. After about 45 mins., we head uphill, onto a mountain ridge, then follow it until we reach La Leona Private Reserve. You will be 400 meters above sea level, a markedly different ecosystem than Corcovado Park’s lowland rainforests. Here, deep in primary forest, with 50-meter trees surrounding you, look for species such as the Mangrove hawk, Yellow Headed Cara Cara and Chestnut Mandibled Toucan. The return trip takes you back downhill, through the canyon and out onto the beach again.

Carate Gold Digging Expedition & Waterfall Hike: $50 p/p. Min. 2 participants. 4-5 hours. Walk to the Carate River. When you arrive, look for the Mangrove Hawk, Yellow Headed Cara Cara, Chestnut Mandibled Toucans and other local species. Continue upriver to a clear-water waterfall, born deep in Corcovado Park. Here you may swim or relax. Before heading back to the lodge you will have the chance to pan for gold, using the same technique as the old-time artisan gold diggers. The Carate River was once known throughout Costa Rica for the gold found in it. With luck – and the help of a local gold digger - you’ll bring home some of the gold flakes that can be found in the river. Please note this tour involves getting wet and requires some climbing.

Turtle Observation Tour (June-Nov only): $30 p/p. Min. 2 participants. About 2 hours. Learn from a resident guide about the different types of turtles that come to lay their eggs on Costa Rica’s south Pacific coast. Also find out about the turtle’s nutrition, life cycle, reproduction, and why marine turtles are suffering population declines around the world. Many species are now endangered. According to global statistics, of every 1,000 baby turtles born, only one reaches adulthood due to depredation, contamination of the oceans, irresponsible fishing with nets and looting of their nests. After the talk, you will have the opportunity to observe the turtles as they come ashore to nest.

Night Walk: $20 p/p. Min. 2 participants. 1-1/2 hours. Depart the lodge at 5:45 p.m. heading toward the La Leona Stream. Once there you and your guide will head upriver and into the forest, where a loop trail begins. Following this trail, listen to the sounds of the night insects and frogs, and search for nocturnal mammals such as agouti or paca and even the special treat of finding a boa constrictor or Cat Eye snake.

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