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La Paloma Lodge

Region:Corcovado & Osa Peninsula
Habitats:Beach / Tropical Rainforest

estrellaestrellaestrella Bird/Wildlife Observation, Diving / Snorkeling, Kayaking
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Transport Time to/from Corcovado & Osa Peninsula
By air:
Hotel to/from airport:15 - 60 mins
Plane & boat:1:10 hrs


New York Times Travel Section, July 14, 2002 - "Perched above Drake Bay, with open views of the Pacific and the lush Osa Peninsula, La Paloma is a place that seems to get better with each passing hour."

Located on the Osa Peninsula overlooking Drake Bay and Caño Island, this hotel offers 5 two-story ranchos and 5 rooms all with private baths, hammocks and views. There is a swimming pool with bar, a dining room serving family-style meals, and a variety of water sports equipment for Diving, snorkeling, kayaking and boogie boarding is available. Fishing and diving tours are offered to Caño Island Biological Reserve and a naturalist guide is on hand for hikes in the surrounding forest. Room rates include all meals.

La Paloma Lodge nests atop a high bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and nearby Caño Island, on Costa Rica's isolated Drake Bay. The resort is spread over 12 richly landscaped acres and surrounded by dense tropical rainforest. We have planted hundreds of plants and trees that are not only lovely to see but also attract a variety of birds and wildlife.
The resort is spread over 12 richly landscaped acres and surrounded by dense tropical rainforest. We have planted hundreds of plants and trees that are not only lovely to see but also attract a variety of birds and wildlife.

Jun. 29, 2009“Every day was a great adventure.”
Our trip was fantastic. The two places selected (La Paloma and Lapa Rios) were wonderful and every day was a great adventure. The organization was superb; everyone was where they were supposed to be and on time. The guides, pilots and drivers were all great. Clearly, Nadya Shaw did a great job. I will definitely recommend you to any friends considering a trip to Costa Rica.
-Jeffrey Thomas

Jul. 12, 2007“We will definitely remember Costa Rica Expeditions fondly.”
We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Expeditions made it an easy trip by taking care of all the transfers and tour bookings. I think La Paloma Lodge was our favorite, followed closely by Monteverde Lodge and Tortuga Lodge. Our least favorite was The Lost Iguana, but even that one was very nice (AWEsome view!). It's hard to pick a favorite tour: Monteverde was beautiful, but crowded. The Butterfly Garden was fun. I insisted on handling all the largest bugs, including the orange-kneed tarantula!

Arenal Hanging Bridges was great, especially the yellow eyelash viper. Hidalgo Hot Springs was beautiful and relaxing, even in the pouring rain! Tortuguero - sticky, buggy - iguanas and basilisk lizards and frogs and HUGE grasshoppers, and a troop of howler monkeys hanging out by our hotel room the first day we were there. It was all wonderful too!

Cano Island and Corcovado National Park’s hermit crabs, scarlet macaws, large schools of jack along with other reef fish, clear Pacific waters, cascading streams and muddy river mouths - all good with me! And the geckos that hunted in our room at La Paloma were quite welcome, too!

A couple minor suggestions: 1) No need for a transfer from The Lost Iguana to Arenal Hanging Bridges. The reserve is just behind the hotel grounds, and they have golf carts at the ready to take guests there (or you can walk!). 2) For the Rio Frio river floats, perhaps work with someone who can provide more options as far as boats. Our two-person kayak could not support our weight and so we sat in a puddle for the entire float (and were quite embarrassed, but that, I suppose, was our own problem). Canoes would work well. Or more buoyant kayaks (I don't know much about kayaks). Let me ALSO say, though, that our guide did a great job and the trip was fun and beautiful despite our little weight problem!

Anyway...be sure that if Costa Rica ever comes up in our (or someone we know) travel plans, we will definitely remember Costa Rica Expeditions fondly.
-Jill Berman

Dec. 23, 2003“Costa Rica is a magical place.”
Our trip was just wonderful. Two of us had been to Costa Rica before and two were visiting for the first time - so it made it a little more challenging to please everyone. You came through with flying colors. A couple of specifics I want to mention:

Priscilla suggested that we stay at La Paloma Lodge in Drake Bay. We absolutely loved everything about it - it is very relaxed, yet professional. The staff is friendly, helpful and really interesting. Even the other guests were great. Also we liked the food a lot. One suggestion I would make is to inform your clients that the hike along the path that parallels the beach to the snorkeling area at Juanicito is a great day- it was our favorite, actually.

We were disappointed that the weather precluded our rafting trip, but we did enjoy Monteverde Lodge. I would especially like to commend the bartender (don't know his name, but we call him el pelon) who helped us translate a Spanish news article - he really went out of his way, and it's often those little details that make a trip special.

We liked all the guides, but the one who stood out was Federico Alban - his parents are poets at the University - we spent a four-hour transfer with him, and felt like we wanted to adopt him by the end. If someone could tell him that we took his suggestion to eat at La Casa de Dona Lela, that would be great.

We were somewhat perplexed about tipping the guides and drivers. We often had three people in the van when just a driver really would have been enough. We never knew if we were supposed to tip all three or what the appropriate procedure was - a little more guidance would be helpful. Also, we wondered why we had so many people accompanying us.

Costa Rica is a magical place. The fact that you made it effortless to enjoy did not escape our attention. Once again, we all want to thank you and let you know that we would definitely recommend your company to our friends.
-Elaine Yellen

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