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We’re going to send you itineraries that fulfill the interests and preferences you checked in your Wish List. Of course, we’ll include the trip cost. Then, if you’d like your trip to be more or less luxurious, we’ll then send you alternative itineraries. It’s a dialogue.

Please read the descriptions of the different price categories below.  It may save time if you let us know which category applies to you.

In all categories you get a complete itinerary, best hotels in category, best planes and pilots, and best vans and drivers.

Premium Price Trips
Price Per Person per Day $350.00- $450.00+
These itineraries use the first choice premium hotel at each location, they include all meals served a la carte, ground transportation is private and flights are private charters, often twin engine with pilot and co-pilot. They are escorted by a Naturalist Guide throughout with the exception of time spent at the beach. All activities and entrance fees are included. At the $450.00 per person per day and above price category guests might meet important conservation personalities, fly in a helicopter to avoid long drives and stay at the best rooms available in locally owned hotels.

Upscale Price Trips
Price Per Person per Day $251.00-$349.00
These itineraries use first or second choice hotels in each area that they visit; they include all meals and activities at each location, private ground transportation and either shared air transportation or private charter depending on the route and circumstances. These trips usually include the services of a private naturalist guide for a large portion of the itinerary.

Intermediate Price Trips
Price Per Person per Day $201.00 - $250.00
These itineraries use the best middle of the road hotels and often include the best hotels available in Tortuguero and Monteverde and other areas; they include most meals and activities at each location with a local guide. Ground and air transportation is usually private and air transportation is usually shared.

Basic Priced Trips
Price Per Person per Day $120.00 - $200.00
These itineraries use clean no frills hotels; they include breakfasts on most days and activities throughout. Ground transportation is shared or self-drive and flights are usually with the domestic airline SANSA.

True at Every Price Level

Four Features
Feature Advantage The Experience
Complete itinerary operated by CRE from start to finish. We work with you on the design of each day and then reserve and run the trip for you. We won’t let you design an itinerary that will not be successful. When you plan your itinerary with CRE we take responsibility for all components of your trip from start to finish. By letting us handle every step of the way, you won’t get a patchy vacation. We will give you the same World Class service every step of the way. We are your guardian angel during the planning process and while you’re in country. We take care of things that are as simple as wanting to change the hour of a tour or tracking down a lost jacket. We also take care of more complex and serious situations such as an allergic reaction or a landslide that threatens with delaying your itinerary. You won’t spend your precious vacation time fixing problems; we will do that for you. Most often we will anticipate problems so that you will never even know that they were on the horizon.
Best hotels in their particular price range. Each with a longstanding relationship with CRE. Your rooms are backed by our relationship with the supplier. We have preferred suppliers in each region by category, our business is important to them. Our suppliers value their relationship with us and they know that we follow up with our clients during and after their trip. They understand that we choose our suppliers on the basis of World Class service and experience. You are important to them.
Best planes and pilots will be used for your internal flights CRE funded an independent safety audit of 7 different charter companies in 2006. As a result we now fly with only the 5 best companies in the country. Criteria for the audit included finding a strong culture of safety, mechanical integrity of aircraft, competence of pilots and ongoing training of pilots. Fly with the safest Costa Rican charter companies available.
Best vans and drivers will be used for your transportation Costa Rica roads are infamous. Not only are they in bad condition, they are narrow and often wind up or down the countryside. Costa Ricans probably rank among the worst drivers in the world. When you book your transportation with CRE, your driver has had a through and intensive training course with CRE where he or she has been taught how to drive for guests. Our vans have radio communication in case assistance is required a long the way and our office dispatch carefully monitors progress. Transit our roads in comfort and safety. Our professional drivers (Spanish speaking) will take care of you every step of the way.

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