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"Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories®" for children is what we do best.

This does not really do us that much credit because we have put almost no effort into it. Costa Ricans simply love children. When kids arrive at our properties, they’re instantly taken under the wing of the whole staff, and taken care of by waiters, guides, gardeners, receptionists, and cooks. The other side of the coin is that Costa Ricans are much quicker to correct children than people from overdeveloped countries. Costa Rica is still "the village" that raises children.

We are happy to provide birthday cakes, arrange for baby-sitters, and design special activities for your children, including visits to local schools, horseback trips, special guided tours into the forest with interpretations delivered at a child’s level, and many others.

What we cannot guarantee is that your kids won’t be just a bit spoiled by our staff, but, after all, what would a vacation be without spoiling ourselves just a little? Parents should take care to periodically remind very young children that they are going to have to go home when they do.

Costa Rica Expeditions offers trips for the adventurous family in search of fun, active learning experiences while on vacation. Traveling as a family in Costa Rica gives children, parents and grandparents an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company in beautiful, exciting and adventurous surroundings. Activities will be designed upon request for families with kids of all ages.

Before planning a family vacation, it is important to think about the families’ interests. Costa Rica Expeditions offers customized itineraries for families, as well as special group departures for families where there may be two or more families traveling together during their vacation.

Individual Travel or Group Travel for Families?

Customized itineraries: We can customize itineraries to fit the needs of a particular family so that they have the freedom to control their own schedule and decide where to linger and where to move at a faster pace without having to take into consideration the needs of others. It is important for families thinking about traveling to consider seriously the value of travelling on their own versus the value of travelling with a group.

Group (fixed) departures: Some families are interested in sharing their experiences with other families who have also chosen to travel to Costa Rica. They join a group in order to meet people and make new friends while traveling. There is something about what often happens when a small group of people with similar interests travel together with an expert professional guide that is profoundly transforming and life enhancing. It is hard to market and sell because it is intangible and hard to describe, but it is the most valuable benefit we can provide. Listening to participants trying to describe it at the end of a trip, the word that most frequently comes up is "magic."

When on Vacation, Leave Family Troubles at Home: On occasion we have been puzzled by the families who come to the rainforests of Costa Rica and bring their family squabbles with them. Many times our guides have refrained from pointing out the bird on the tree, or the mountain range to the left and observed as kilometers go by and the family continues to hammer out the family troubles that should have been left at home. Slow down, learn and enjoy. There will be plenty of time to work out problems at home, especially if each member of the family keeps in mind that "Vacation Time Is Precious."

Which areas of Costa Rica interest the family the most? Does the family like adventure-type activities such as kayaking, hiking or camping? Costa Rica Expeditions offers these types of activities at each of our three lodges:

Tortuga Lodge
Because children naturally love boats, perhaps no place is more appropriate to visit with your family than our lodge in Tortuguero. We offer guided boat trips along the canals of Tortuguero National Park, as well as challenging activities such as kayaking and fishing. Children can also explore the tropical rainforest as they hike up to a nearby mountain, see turtles on the beach during nesting season (July through October), and enjoy an educational video at the Turtle Museum.

Monteverde Lodge
Monteverde is a great place for kids to have the opportunity to see wildlife on hikes in the Monteverde and/or Santa Elena Reserves as well as on the Children’s External Rainforest Trail. Other activities in the area include: a slide show at the Reserve, exploring the community on horseback, visiting a local school, the Butterfly Garden, the Hummingbird Gallery, the Serpentarium, and the Ecological Farm. Children also love splashing around in our jacuzzi.

We highly recommend using the services of a Naturalist Guide for a family’s trip. We guarantee that his or her knowledge and experience will give them rich enjoyment of their precious vacation time. Our guides spend a large amount of time in the field. As a result, they know where and when to take full advantage of sightings during the course of an itinerary. They will talk in detail about what can be seen and help guests see what they might not have noticed.

In addition to a Naturalist Guide, we can also arrange for a children’s activity coordinator to join the trips. These specially trained escorts are ready to help with any child-centered issues that may arise. We can plan the itineraries so that children and adults spend more or less time separately and apart. The coordinator can take kids on guided hikes in the different areas they visit with interpretations delivered at a child’s level, organize games, accompany kids on the children’s tours previously mentioned, read them educational stories which teach them how to care for our environment, give Spanish lessons or dance classes, etc.

Children’s rates when accompanied by parents at Tortuga and Monteverde Lodge:
Lodging: Children ages 0–10 stay for free if in room shared with parents.
Meals: Ages 0–5, free; ages 6–10, half price; ages 11 or older, full price.
Transportation: Adult rates apply.
Tours: For all Costa Rica Expeditions operated tours, 25% discount. For NON-Costa Rica Expeditions operated tours, please check with us.

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