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Highly experienced biologists and bilingual naturalists who accompany our natural history excursions. These guides often have developed an area of specialization such as birds, botany, herpetology, etc. Those who do not have formal training have a life time of experience in the field, studying natural history. All are trained in guiding techniques.

Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo was born and raised in Alajuela which is a city that is located to the west of San Jose, Costa Rica. His father is a retired topographer and his mother, a retired teacher. They are originally from Alajuela or Ciudad de los Mangos (Mango City as it is known for the huge amount of mango trees located in the Central Park). Leonardo has chosen to remain there still since he loves the fact that even while being a big city, everybody knows everybody, which makes you feel you belong.


Ligia Fernandez
Ligia Fernandez started working for Costa Rica Expeditions as a Naturalist Guide in 1985 shortly after graduating Marine Biology at the Universidad Nacional.


Gerardo Artavia
Naturalist Guide

Born in San Jose in on April 19, 1973, Gerardo has a Chilean mother and a Costa Rican father. His father went to Chile to get his Doctorate in Economy and met his mother while he was there. They got married and came back to Costa Rica when he had completed his degree. Gerardo went to Elementary and High School in San Jose at a Catholic school run by priests from Spain; this is where he learned English.


Onik Morrison
Naturalist Guide

Born in San José on November 21, 1982, her father is from the US and her mother is Costa Rican. Onik has an older brother Ry, an architect and rock climber living in Sweden. Her younger brother, Rony, lives in North Carolina and is studying to become a chef.


Fernando Prez
Naturalist Guide

Fernando’s traces his love of the outdoors and community service to his days as a young Boy Scout, his troop was #22. His Boy Scout troop taught him discipline and love of the outdoors. He enjoyed the challenge of working on is badges and receiving the distinction of being the camp specialist for camping, orientation with a compass and assistance to police officials during events like elections, independence day parades and holiday celebrations.


Katia Valverde

Katia was born on September 21st, 1970 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Her father and mother raised three kids: Katia, her sister and brother.


Esteban Biamonte
Naturalist Guide

Esteban Biamonte is a biologist very passionate about birds, as well as any other kind of living creature. He started carrying his binoculars everywhere when he was 18, and has not stop doing it since.


Eddie Recio
Naturalist Guide

Eddie was born in San Jose on August 22, 1969. His parents were in the clothing business in San Jose and they had Eddie and two brothers and two sisters. As children, the kids spent a great deal of time in the northwest province of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste with their paternal grandparents. Their grandparents were of Italian descent and immigrated to Costa Rica as a result of World War II.


Margherita Bottazzi
Naturalist Guide
Margherita was born on February 21, 1963. Her father was and Italian Civil Engineer that arrived in Costa Rica on a trip that was given to him as a graduation gift. He fell in love with Central America and found work in construction. He later met Margheritas mother, they had 5 children, four boys and Margherita which is the youngest.


federico alban
Federico was born on April 11, 1971, in Costa Rica, but has lived all over the world, including Jerusalem, Madrid and New York. He speaks perfect English and can also understand Hebrew. He has worked at Costa Rica Expeditions for 9 years and particularly enjoys guiding Multisport and Naturalist trips, which combine his love for nature with biking and other outdoor sports.


william granados
Born in San Ramon de Alajuela, surrounded by nature, Williams first jobs were in local coffee farms and mills with his brothers. He also worked as a forest guide and trail designer. Later he moved to San Jose and, in 1992, began working with Costa Rica Expeditions as an emergency substitute managing the Transportation and Procurement Department.


diego blanco

Diego, 26, was raised in Ciudad Quesada, a rural town located next to a National Park and studied Tropical Biology at the Univ. of Costa Rica. “My backyard was full of birds, bugs and even snakes,” he says. “As a kid I observed all these creatures with interest and developed a love of the outdoors and the wildlife of Costa Rica.”


andres carballo
Andres - or Andrew as his clients know him - started at Costa Rica Expeditions in 2004 with eight years of experience as a guide. He is very proud that he was given the title of Naturalist Guide, a dream - as he puts it - that finally came true.


miguel marin
Miguel was born Nov. 15, 1966, and has guided for nearly two decades, 17 of them with Costa Rica Expeditions. He discovered guiding after a false career start in business administration, which he studied for 2-1/2 years.


larry marin
Since 1994 Larry has guided and managed tours all over Europe, Northern Africa, Asia Minor, North and South America, the Caribbean Islands, and of course his native country, Costa Rica. He has a B.A. in Tourism from Central American Autonomous University in Costa Rica and is certified by the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco.


Federico "Fico" Chacon
Born on November 15, 1976 in San Jose, Costa Rica, Federico ?Fico? Chacon has been guiding for 12 years. His training comes from the University of Costa Rica, the National Institute of Learning. He has completed various courses in natural history including Birds, Herpetology and Botany. He has also studied Social Sciences and Psychology. His greatest teacher has been his experience in the field, having guided in Costa Rica, Panam, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. Federico particularly enjoys guiding for families with kids and teenagers. One of the many wonderful things that he has gotten from guiding is travel, Federico has been all over the world visiting the USA, England, Norway, Central America, Cuba, Mxico and Galpagos.. Fico is known for sharing his knowledge with a great sense of humor. When he?s not guiding, he enjoys hiking, reading and playing ultimate Frisbee.

Rafael Robles
Rafa was born and raised in Costa Rica; his love for nature and outdoor activities began as a child, when he accompanied his father to the far corners of Costa Rica.


Carlos Vazquez
Carlos was born in the city of Quepos, on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. His love of the outdoors was transmitted to him by his parents. Some of his earliest childhood memories are of looking for crab and shrimp the forests of Mangrove forests of Quepos and then back at home, his mother's delicious soup.


Pablo Richard
Pablo was born on September 14, 1976 just outside of Paris, France, but he is now every bit a Costa Rican. His parents are Chilean, but moved to Paris to get their doctorates at the Sorbonne University.


Karla Taylor
Born in Limon on January 28, 1978, Karla has been guiding for Costa Rica Expeditions for 11 years. Karla was raised in the village of Tortuguero, her mother, Miss Junie Martinez, is one of the founding members of the Tortuguero community and is well loved in the area. She owns the well known hotel and restaurant, Miss Junie.s, in the Tortuguero Village. .She.s my hero. says Karla.


Victor Villegas
Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, Victor is a single father of 3 with 22 years of guiding experience.


Johnny Villalobos
Johnny was born in San Jose and raised in the Guapiles on the Atlantic slope of Costa Rica. His father worked for the banana plantations of Del Monte in pest control and his mother worked in the hospital of Guapiles as a surgical nurse.


marcos alvarado
Originally from Limon Province on the Caribbean coast, Marcos learned to swim and fish at a young age. As a child he spent most of his time in the outdoors and developed a deep love and appreciation of the tropical rainforest and its fauna.


jonnathan vargas
Born on May 29, 1988, Jonathan Vargas was born on the Caribbean slope in the town of Guapiles. His childhood was spent in large part playing outdoors, swimming in rivers and stream and climbing fruit trees with his friends.


Jonathan Ramirez
Jonathan was born on the Atlantic slope in the town of Siquirres where his parents grew coffee until 1990. They then moved to San Jose and his father started a business offering ground transportation to travelers and travel companies.


luis chinchilla
Luis has a tourism degree from Alajuela Community College (2002) and is currently finishing a graduate program in Managment and Protection of Natural Resources while working as a Naturalist Guide. Originally from Heredia, Luis has always appreciated and enjoyed being close to nature. At Costa Rica Expeditions, he has moved from post to post, first as a transport provider, then in Corcovado as a Tree Platform Guide, more recently in Operations and now as a Naturalist Guide. No longer behind a desk in Ops, Luis is enjoying spending his time outdoors with his guests. He is one of six siblings and has four nephews, of whom he says, I love as if they were my own. His birthday is Jan. 14, 1979.

Adriana Diaz

Born on December 15, 1987, in the city of Alajuela, Adriana comes from a family that enjoys nature and guiding. Both parents worked in the travel business and passed their love of the outdoors to their 4 kids.



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