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What Guests Say About Us
Dec. 15, 2005 River guides were “absolutely fantastic…your teams pulled it all together.”
We want you to know that we were COMPLETELY satisfied with our trip, in fact, far more than satisfied. We have told all of our friends who like this sort of thing about what a great place you are to hook up for an adventure in CR.

Our main host was Mauricio Quiros Jimenez, and he was wonderful! His assistant, who was in training, was Vernon Campos Quiros; he was also very nice and informative. In fact, there was not a single person associated with your organization who was not nice, or not helpful. Although the travel sometimes does get "rugged," as you know (see pictures), your staff manages to find a way around EVERYTHING. We realize this is very labor-intensive work, and we marveled at how your teams pulled it all together.

We definitely plan to be back (probably in two years) for your other major tour (the slightly longer one, including the volcano and the turtles).

I no longer remember all the people's names, but the guides for the river rafting trip (Gerardo, aka "Siau," etc.) were absolutely fantastic. Everything was great about the trip, but this stood out above all. The river was gorgeous and the evening meal was the single best one we ate. Those guys can cook!! (All meals were surprisingly good; we didn't have high expectations based on Frommer's description of CR food in general, so we were pleasantly surprised all along throughout the trip).

I attach some photos. We don't have most of ours back yet, but as you will see, we needed "rescuing" after a tiny stream turned into a high-current river after a downpour during an all-day hike.

You're doing a great job; we're so glad we found you! Please congratulate and thank all the staff involved with our trip on our behalf.
- Sara Rynes & Paul Weller

Dec. 10, 2005 A "magical" trip and Phillip, an inspirational guide.
Thank you for everything. The trip was magical in every way. Anyone seeking beauty and peace should have an opportunity to walk on that beach in Corcorvado. Phillip, our guide, after only a couple of days, felt like a new friend. He was an inspiration for my son.

The rafters exuberantly guided us through a day-long adventure while ably protecting us from mishaps. I know it’s their job, but they do it with genuine good spirit. That is also the impression I am left with when dealing with CR: genuineness. Pura Vida.
- Bob Aglow

Dec. 10, 2005 ''Thanks for a well run, friendly, and professional tour.''
Dear Mike and Natalie: My wife Dawn and I traveled with the Pavlik's during our trip to Costa Rica in November. We were a little skeptical about having a guide with us 100% of the time before we left. But I have not stopped singing the praises of Olman and Costa Rica Expeditions since returning. We have been traveling companions with the Pavlik's to many countries, but this was possibly the best experience so far. Olman was a wonderful guide, teacher, dinner partner and friend. He was invaluable in getting to know the country and people of Costa Rica, and not just the tourist attractions. We hope to return with our children someday soon, and this is in large part due to Olman's encouragement. Thanks very much for a well run, friendly, and professional tour of Costa Rica!
- Ken Cartwirght, M.D.

Dec. 9, 2005 ''We couldn't have been treated with more professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail.''
Thank you for your e-mail regarding our recent trip, which was so wonderfully facilitated by Costa Rica Expeditions. My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we were with the quality of service your company provides. From the very first e-mails and phone calls to the final escort to the airport for our return trip home, we couldn't have been treated with more professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail. We felt well-informed and completely prepared before our trip because of the thorough, excellent job done by your travel planner Nadya Shaw.

From the pickup at the airport in Alajuela, to the hotel arrangements, drivers, nature guides and all other personnel, we consistently felt safe and secure in addition to experiencing the warmth and friendly hospitality of each and every one of our Costa Rican hosts.

Although all on your staff were delightful, I would like to call your attention to one person in particular: Alvaro Farias was our guide on Saturday November 19th when we went white water rafting on the Pacuare River. He was friendly and full of fascinating information from the very first moment he met us, and the four others, at our respective hotels. He offered us all kinds of colorful facts about spider webs, snakes, hearts-of-palm and other natural wonders even from the seat of the bus.

Most of all, though, I want to tell you about his warmth, sense of humor and caring while on the river. I am 55 years old, had never done rafting before, and was participating mostly as a concession to my husband. As I have medical issues with my cervical vertebrae, I was terrified that a fall in the river would throw my neck and/or shoulders into spasm for the rest of our vacation.

Therefore, although I maintained my sense of humor, kept up my share of the paddling, and totally enjoyed the camaraderie of the group, I know that my body language must have conveyed something else to Alvaro. He was kind and compassionate, and without any indication to the others, discreetly watched over me and took up the slack when we hit level 4's. Contrary to my initial dread, I was able to remember every one of his absolutely excellent instructions (as well as those of the kayak person, Alejandro) for what to do during the one instance when four of us ended up in the water!

Alvaro is a fine young man whose expert knowledge, sunny disposition, pride in his country, and warm caring personality should make Costa Rica Expeditions thrilled to have him in your employ. What began that day for me as an activity to be endured turned into one of the more memorable adventures of our vacation.

Thanks again for all of your help. We have been recommending your services to all of our friends, and hope to use them again ourselves in the future on a return trip to beautiful Costa Rica.
- Hannah & Steve Lieberman

Dec. 9, 2005 "You guys were great!"
You guys were great! Priscilla Jimenez was so helpful before and during our trip that I would recommend your company to anyone interested in visiting Costa Rica! Thank you so much again!
- Gidon & Elise

Nov. 30, 2005 Sierra Club trip with Master Naturalist Guide Charlie Gómez
Dear Charlie (Carlos): The trip was super and I thank you, Nino, and Costa Rica Expeditions for doing so much to make it turn out so well. What a combination for a leader to be working with! It was an absolute privilege to be part of such a team. From the ease and thoroughness of the planning procedure to the remarkable bird and animal sightings that we enjoyed, everything worked beautifully, in spite of the rain. I have been hearing from many happy participants that they totally enjoyed the trip. The five people new to Sierra Club trips and to group trips in general, seemed to be particularly enthusiastic about the total experience.

Thank you for dealing with the delayed luggage and lost passport with such gentleness and efficiency. Emily is a very experienced international traveler and leader and was distressed to have been the one to cause extra fuss and bother.

I have to tell you that one of my Sierra Club friends, Mary O'Boyle, who has a place at Monteverde, reported that they had had 34 consecutive days of rain and she had been concerned about our trip. I think we were very lucky that the trip was not impacted more by the unusual weather. Your open discussion of the conditions with all trip members helped to make them aware of the challenge as well as understanding of the decisions that we had to make.

You must be totally exhausted after getting up every morning at dawn for bird walks or early departures, but you must know from the continued participation, how much it was appreciated. The enthusiasm that you and Nino bring to finding new birds for the group is wonderful. I think everyone will take home, as a special trip memory, your delight at the discovery of the "Cotinga tree" and of your continued upgrading of the "best bird of the trip".

We all appreciated your in-depth knowledge on such a variety of subjects that we explored in our conversations. I had done quite a bit of pre-trip study and was prepared to be able to talk about some of the social and conservation issues that affect Costa Rica, such as banana plantations, poaching, squatters, and over production of coffee; but my information was probably about ten years out of date and I became reluctant to say much more than to ask leading questions. I think we were all a bit amazed by the more current issues that you raised about pineapple culture, pesticide use on mangos and other crops, fern growing, and changing methods of coffee production. I would like to learn more and to be able to find reference sources to investigate so I can pass on suggestions to the appropriate Sierra Club conservation committee. Could you steer me in the right direction? I especially want to learn details about relatively recently changes since even my most "current" references seem to be very dated. More later, and again, many, many thanks.
- Carol

Nov. 23, 2005 ''Without a doubt, it was the most impressive birding experience that we have had.''
My husband, Eldon, and I have just returned from a Sierra Club sponsored birding trip to Costa Rica. Without a doubt, it was the most impressive birding experience that we have had largely because of the outstanding leadership and attention that Charlie (Carlos) Gomez provided us. We have had many birding guides but none as skilled as Charlie. Additionally, our driver, Nino, kept us safe and was exceptionally helpful in spotting birds.

The main purpose of our trip was to focus on birds. With Charlie's expertise, we were able to see the most incredibly beautiful birds imaginable. I still have to pinch myself as I look at photos of the Resplendent Quetzal, Scarlet Macaw, Spectacled Owl (and many, many more) and realize that I have actually seen these birds in person!

Charlie and Nino were masters of hearing and spotting the birds and having the patience and ability to assist the group in locating birds once the scopes were quickly in place. All of this was done with the utmost respect and courtesy to all of the participants in our group.

We traversed the country for 18 days from highlands to lowlands in all kinds of weather. The scenery in Costa Rica is spectacular. In addition to finding almost 400 species of birds, we also learned so much more from Charlie. He gave us valuable information about the history and culture of the country. We also learned about all kinds of plants, butterflies, mammals and reptiles. This was not just a bird trip; it was a wonderful education about Costa Rica. It makes me eager to return.

I could not close this without mentioning that Charlie set the tone for the group with his polite, patient manner. He was the catalyst for the compatibility of the group. Nino, with his ready smile and his excellent skill in driving was always helpful and very courteous. He made us feel very safe.

I also want to mention Selena Solis and the excellent pre and post-trip preparations that she did for us. Thanks to Costa Rica Expeditions for making our trip so enjoyable. We will certainly recommend you to anyone traveling to your beautiful country in the future.
- Linda Francis, WA

Nov. 9, 2005 "I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to go to costa rica."
I had a great time in costa rica. it was my third time. second time using your services. I filled out the form at tortuga lodge in detail, but i'll repeat some of it here. Your company does a great job. I felt very well taken care of and all the employees are very enthusiastic. When i was at the lodge there were hardly any guests, and since i speak spanish, i spoke with some of the employees. everyone seems thrilled to be working in tourism and for your company and everyone made a huge effort to keep us few guests happy. at one point after an outing, i offered to buy the guide a coca cola. While we were at the bar, he described in great detail the entire nesting cycle of the green turtle to the bartender and waiters who asked a thousand questions and couldn't get enough. that was just terrific. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to go to costa rica.

With that in mind i'll make 2 very minor suggestions. at tortuga lodge (not sure if this applies to your other hotels) the food is terrific. but it's almost too good. they are trying very hard to put together sophisticated multi-course meals. i think simplicity might be ok here. simple grilled fish, that sort of thing. i'm a carnivore and had some excellent rare filet mignon. but it just sort of struck me as incongruous to the setting.

Also, i assume you are not in control of the departure of the plane from tortuguero at 7am. i arrived at the int'l airport at 8:15 am for a 1:45 pm flight to miami. your guide was kind enough to point out a nearby shopping center, but i'm not a shopper. if he'd suggested a visit to a museum or some such thing - for a fee of course - i probably would have taken him up on it. Keep up the good work. i'm sure i'll see you again soon.
- Linda Sittenfeld

Oct. 13, 2005 Costa Rica Expeditions: "Noteworthy service."
We are now home, very sad to have left Costa Rica. Is there someone I can write to pass along my commendations for people who provided especially noteworthy service? I believe that such people should be recognized for their excellent work. Please pass the following photos to Omar at Corcovado. Without his help and those of his staff, they would not have been possible.
- John Dwyer

Aug. 16, 2005 "You provided incredible service and great assistance."
I have been meaning to send you an email of THANKS for the incredible service you provided. We had some bad luck in San Jose, robbed of my wallet that included cash, license etc. Your company provided me with great assistance. Nadya hand delivered my new credit card to me at the hotel and was able to arrange transportation throughout the whole country for the balance of my trip. All the drivers were courteous and on time! There were a few other people in the office on the weekend that also offered great assistance, Herrol was one. Also, the people at Tortuga lodge were extremely helpful with contacting your office in San Jose. We loved all of the lodges, guides, meals, and transportation. I was very glad that I had chosen your company for our travel needs. Again, Muchas GRACIAS, for all that help and to all of those who did a great job!
- JoAnne, James and Christina Felchner

Aug. 16, 2005 "Thanks for helping make our family adventure one of the best we've had."
We all had such a fun time in Costa Rica. All of our accommodations were great; the Nature Air flights were wonderful, as were all of our tours. We are so grateful to everyone in Costa Rica for helping make our family adventure one of the best we have had! We love Costa Rica, thanks so much.
- The Sussmans (Glenn, Caryn, Matthew and Shane.)

Aug. 16, 2005 "Everyone on your staff was friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming."
Dear Herrol, Just a note to let you know that our trip was marvelous. Everyone on your staff was friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. The accommodations at both lodges were everything that we had hoped for. Thank you for working to make sure that we maintained our reservations at each place. Costa Rica is truly a beautiful country with so much to offer in the way of wildlife and physical environment. We will not hesitate to recommend Cost Rica Expeditions to any of our friends. And if we are able to return, we hope to visit the Osa Penninsula and your facilities there. Thanks again for all of your work.
- J'Annne Kausen and family

Aug. 10, 2005 ''It was a true vacation...no stress.''
Dear Michael, We had a great trip! Everyone we met was professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, very friendly! We loved the Tortuga Lodge. Rebecca (Becky) and Jeraldo where very on top of things and made it a great trip for everyone (that includes all of the people staying at the lodge while we were there!). They even waved good-bye as our plane took off! We felt like we were leaving family.

We flew over to Tambor and stayed at the Hotel Flor Blanca. A perfect second half of the trip. I can't imagine how our trip to Costa Rica would have turned out without CRE! It was a true vacation, meaning there was no stress! All transfers and transportation were smooth and on time. Starting with having someone meet us at the airport and ending with being dropped off at the correct spot as we prepared to depart took away all worries. We are looking forward to our next visit to Costa Rica! Still relaxed in New Jersey...
- Susan Demmerly, NJ

Aug. 10, 2005 "Your company went over and beyond to help me."
I just wanted to say how impressed I was at the service I received from your company. I had placed our bags behind the counter at Monteverde Lodge and realized that it was no longer there and had been taken possibly by another guest by mistake. From Quepos, 24 hours later, I called Monteverde Lodge and they had located my bag. They proceeded to send it to San Jose and then, a day before my departure, I rec'd the bag AT MY HOTEL! I was mostly dealing with Monteverde and I am very, very thankful to not only to get my bag back but to have it delivered directly to my hotel. I own a hotel along with several other businesses here in Florida and I recognize how much your company went over and beyond to help me. Thanks so much. We will see you next time we are in Costa Rica!
- Angelia Young, FL

Aug. 8, 2005 ''Your planning suggestions and advice was perfect for our family.''
Dear Ana Luz: Thank you so much for the incredible job you and all those at Costa Rica Expeditions did for our family trip to Costa Rica. It was superb from the moment we arrived through drop off, and I can appreciate all the "behind the scenes" coordination that had to take place while we were there.

All of your planning suggestions and advice was perfect for our family, and we couldn't have done more in our 7 days there! Next time, we'll have to come for longer.

I especially want to commend the guides, and please let your managers and directors know just how much we enjoyed and learned from each of the following: first, for our river rafting trip, a huge thank you to Alejandro "Super" Mario, and of course Diego, who won the heart of my son, Ford. It was the highlight of their trip, and they can't wait to come back for the overnight.

Second, to Federico on the way to Tortuguero he enlightened us and taught us so much about Costa Rica's land, many exports, and crops. Thirdly, and most importantly, because we spent so much time with her, Sofia. She was like a text book on History, Geography, Ecology, Conservation, Animal Science and everything under the sun. The kids couldn't have learned more in a year-long class about Costa Rica!

Please feel free to pass this letter of thanks and recommendation along to everyone there who helped on this trip. I know what an undertaking this is, and to have it executed perfectly is extremely rare. I would surely recommend Costa Rica Expeditions to anyone traveling to your beautiful country. A most sincere "gracias" from the whole Bruch family.
- Susan, Forrest, Ford and Emily

Jul. 28, 2005 Pacuare River rafting, a ''fantastic adventure.''
All I can say is WOW!!! What a fantastic adventure. Alvaro aka, "Natural," was an excellent guide. Very eco-oriented and well informed. "Natural" created a fun, friendly easy-going atmosphere from the beginning for this great adventure. Lisa Page and I spent 10 more days in Costa Rica and anyone that asked what to do while there, we always highly recommended Costa Rica Expeditions Pacuare River rafting. Whew whoo!!! Thank you for creating such fantastic memories for us. Yes, we did buy the CD with our pix on them. ;-)
- Geneva Middlebrook, CA

Jul. 27, 2005 ''The guides were so helpful and friendly.''
Dear Luz Elena: Thank you for arranging our incredible trip to Costa Rica. The country is so beautiful and we enjoyed all the wildlife, the rainforests, the coastlines and the friendly people. The hotels were delightful. I particularly loved Drake Bay and La Paloma. All the guides from Costa Rica Expeditions were so helpful and friendly and were all prompt and waiting for us at every location. I feel like we got to experience a good variety of the country. I will recommend you to friends and family.
- Robin Hayes and family

Jul. 9, 2005 "All the places we stayed at were excellent." Ticos friendlier than Texans.
We don’t know where to even start in saying how wonderful our vacation was! Costa Rica is absolutely a beautiful country and all of you are just as wonderful as the country. Texans are usually very friendly, but all Ticos we met was even friendlier and helpful. I (Sherry) know a little Spanish so everyone was helping me practice it even though I am very bad at it! Mike bought a digital camera before we came so we have 600 to 700 pictures to enjoy.

We enjoyed every place we stayed and all of the places were excellent. Monteverde Lodge was cozy and inviting and the grounds and gardens were wonderful. We saw many birds, butterflies and animals every day. We especially enjoyed seeing the hummingbirds everywhere. The cloud forest was spectacular and we were fortunate to see a Quetzal family plus many other birds and insects.

Montana de Fuego was also great and we loved our room and porch with a clear view of the magnificent volcano. We have never been near an active volcano so this was quite an experience—we were able to see some lava one night! Joseph loved the pool there and we even had a friendly cat with us for a couple of days on our porch! We are big animal lovers so this was really fun. Ecotermales was especially great and very private and the food there was some of the best we had—we ate until we were too full. Once again, we saw too many birds, insects, and animals to count. We bought Joseph 5 different Costa Rica field guides and he had memorized them within a day or two so we had our own naturalist guide with us to identify most of the birds and animals.

Of course, Tortuga Lodge was also wonderful and we loved our room there with the hammock and back porch. Seeing birds and animals here was a different experience and we are so glad we went to the Caribbean side. We also were able to see green turtles laying eggs at night—what an opportunity!

And finally and most importantly, we want to thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for us. Costa Rica Expeditions is a premier company and every person we met from there was exceptional. Every detail was planned and we always had a great experience wherever we went.

We will be back because there is so much more we want to see. Corcovado, Manuel Antonio, the beaches, and much more. You can look forward to hearing from us again. Thank you again for such a fantastic trip.
- Mike, Sherry and Joseph

Jul. 7, 2005 "We have never had such excellent and punctual arrangements."
We have traveled in several countries including Belize, Mexico, Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and so we are used to the normal delays and mishaps especially when several different modes of transportation are involved. We have never had such excellent and punctual arrangements. Not only were your drivers and staff punctual but also extremely helpful.

We were not allowed to take our pressurized can of bug spray on Nature Air and your staff kept it for us and it was in the bus on our return. Awesome. Dennis the taxi driver from Puerto Jiminez is a gem. He is extremely knowledgeable and stopped several times to show us animals and other interesting things (we saw more wildlife with him than with anyone else including tamandua, sloth, squirrel monkeys and howlers, lots of birds, leaf cutter ants, etc.) I was disappointed when I learned that we couldn't fly directly to Carate, but those rides with Dennis were priceless. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
- Nick Levy

Jul. 4, 2005 ''We are well traveled and have never had such great service as we had with your company.''
We had the most unbelievable time in Costa Rica and much of it is because of your great travel agency. Your company is first rate. We are well traveled and have been around the world and we have never had such great service as we had with your company. Our hotels were the best and the staff we encountered couldn't have been nicer. We particularly loved the Hotel Grano de Oro in San Jose. Everyone there went out of their way to make us happy and accommodated every request we made with a smile while never being impatient.

We also had an unusual time being stuck in Corcorvado due to unusually high waves up to 20 ft. They told us it was the first time in 10 years people we not able to leave. Your company was able to notify the other hotel and even sent us a charter plane to get us back to San Jose the following day.

I can't stop telling everyone about what a great time we had and we are looking forward to coming back to Costa Rica with Costa Rica Expeditions. Please thank Selena, Jonathan, Luis and Wilson for making our trip so much fun.
- The Vogelsteins

Jul. 4, 2005 "Impressed with the knowledge of the guides in the local fauna and flora."
We had a wonderful time with Costa Rica Expeditions visiting Tortuguero and Corcovado. My wife Susan is a biologist and was very impressed with the knowledge of the guides in the local fauna and flora. Everyone was also very helpful and the food was great!

I'd like to point out that Costa Rica Expeditions made the whole experience very pleasurable and easy from end to end. Many of the less glorious or visible aspects (such as booking the trip, local transfers, clean water, on-time departures, professional pilots for air charters, etc.) are all very important and were masterfully handled. Thanks so much for a super and informative vacation!
- Ivan Varlamoff

Jun. 24, 2005 "Awesome! ...a vacation that we will never forget."
Words are very hard to find to share the wonderful experiences that our family enjoyed in your country. Ever since we have returned home, it is difficult to describe our 10 days in CR except to say, Awesome! Until you have seen, touched, smelled, heard the many animals & plants that abound throughout CR yourself, you simply cannot understand. The people of CR have so much pride in their country & welcome you with open arms that "Pura Vida" may not say it all but it comes awfully close. Out of 10 days, it only rained a full 2 days so we felt very lucky.

Every driver & guide that was arranged through CRE hit the mark dead on. They were always on time, very helpful, knowledgeable & fun. Our favorite driver was Manuel from Monteverde, I have attached a picture to show you his passion for life & his country. A joy to be around.

The accommodations were outstanding & am not sure we would do them any different the next time. The staff at the Monteverde Lodge were all so friendly & outstanding. The Tulemar was picture perfect & fit our needs very well. The Finca Rosa Blanca was a fantasyland & a delight. All in all, we did not want to leave CR & most definitely we will return very soon.

Your services were exactly what you said they would be & no less. CRE will come highly recommended from the Indiana Dunn Family. Many Thanks for a vacation that we will never forget.
- Shepard Dunn, Indiana

Jun. 23, 2005 ''Your efforts and energy made sure we had our best trip ever.''
We have been home almost a week and are still talking non-stop about all the wonderful things we saw and did in CR!!! Had we known that the Marriott was so gorgeous and an oasis in SJ we could have just stayed there a few days ( < :

We especially enjoyed our adventures in Tortuguero w/Gerardo Aguilar on the river. Cesar was a gracious host and helped make our stay there superb. We all agree we would like to return to Tortuquero. We were able to see one turtle on our night walk. We managed to survive the little plane experiences. Being so remote was very special.

On our drive to Monteverde, Stephen was a wealth of information re: culture, food, history, education and ecology. We had plenty of time to discuss everything as a big rig had crashed on the infamous Pan American Hwy. The road to Monteverde definitely needs work. Our kidneys took a beating both directions, but again we lived to tell about it. Elliamar, our guide in Monteverde, was the BEST. He was well spoken, knowledgeable and fascinating to listen to. One day we were soaked to the skin, including boots and rain gear. We have never experienced rain like that. Our son Phil happen to meet one of his Professors from his college, also staying @ the Monteverde Lodge. Amazing. Our driver down the mtn didn't speak much English but took us to a restaurant for a "pit stop" and breakfast. The rice and chicken dish was scrumptious and will always be remembered.

Lapa Ríos Ecoresort was the highlight of our trip. Staying right in the rainforest was unbelievably exciting, relaxing and educating--fabulous wildlife that constantly entertained us. The surfing was uncrowded and allowed Alison and Phil to feel very successful. What a setting. The food @ Lapa Rios was unsurpassed anywhere else during our trip. The choice of fresh food was terrific. Again we survived the small plane rides. Whew!

We were pleasantly surprised when Julio met us on our return to SJ. We had a lengthy layover before leaving for Tamarindo and he took us to a typical CR restaurant where our lunch was yummy. We also stayed cool @ the Plaza Mayor. Julio was incredibly well informed and was able to answer even the toughest questions. We saw a bit of SJ so that was fine.

Tamarindo was where we relaxed an unwound. Cala Luna Hotel & Villas was lovely and very roomy. The small pool w/each villa is very convenient. We did find it to be a little too far from the town and the surfing area which for my children was very important. We ended up renting a car and driving where we needed to go. We headed down to Avellena and spent a day there--what a spot. We thoroughly enjoyed Tamarindo, the beach and swimming in the ocean.

This is a very long way to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. All your efforts and energy made sure we had our best trip ever.
- Nancy

Jun. 17, 2005 "The people at the Monteverde Lodge...were exceptional."
We had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica and plan to return. We will certainly contact you again to help us. The people at the Monteverde Lodge, especially Ingrid and Leo, were exceptional. Thank you again for helping us to have such a wonderful vacation.
- Tom Fitz

Jun. 14, 2005 "We had a really great time."
We had a really great time. Everything went according to plan and was so smooth. We never had any problems anywhere and would recommend you to all our friends. Many thanks again to everyone who helped us, from Nadya Shaw to the drivers and guides.
- Nadia

Jun. 3, 2005 "Once at the (Monteverde) lodge, I was impressed with everything."
Michael and Natalie: …I loved the tour. First, I had James Lowis on the ride up to Monteverde. He made the trip pleasant and we found lots of birds along the way. I certainly count him as a new friend. Once at the lodge, I was impressed with everything, the building, the bed, the grounds, the staff, and, especially the chiefs.

The hotel I was at in Alajeula, Martino Resort, had offered very nice Italian food, but hadn't begun to suggest what I could expect at Monteverde Lodge: one wonderful appetizer and entrée after another. …The restaurant at the Monteverde Lodge could easily thrive in San Francisco - my highest complement! The service matched the food - consistently excellent.

But ultimately, I came to see the jungle. Carlos, my guide, was great. We saw three Resplendent Quetzals within minutes of entering Monteverde – which, I certainly wouldn't have seen without his eyes and his 20x scope. And, of course, we saw many other birds, and the trees and plants of the jungle itself. The trip was wonderful, and probably the best buy I've ever gotten for my vacation money. I look forward to going somewhere else with you guys in the future - to other jungles and down wild rivers.
- Paul Harmon, CA

May. 12, 2005 "Everything went very smoothly."
We had a great trip and everything went very smoothly. Your company did a great job. I was planning to send a thank you note to Rebeca, who set up our trip, so I'll try to send some pictures and some more details when I do that. Thanks!
- Sarah Danberg

May. 2, 2005 "We very much enjoyed the hotels where we stayed and the excursions."
I just wanted to send a short note letting you know what a great trip we had to Costa Rica. We very much enjoyed the hotels where we stayed and the excursions that were planned for us. We were especially appreciative that all of the logistics were executed perfectly. All of our drivers and hosts on the various legs of our trip were always on time and very friendly. You have a great operation and we look forward to coming back in the future.
- Joyce Elam

Apr. 30, 2005 "We had a fantastic trip."
On every level, we had a fantastic trip and there is no doubt that your organization was a huge part of the reason why. From the initial arrangements (Rebecca Zuniga) to the driving (Pablo) and, in particular, our guide Victor Perez (just outstanding in every way – as close to perfection as I think you can get), everything went as well as we could have imagined. We will be recommending you to all and sundry and will try to send you some photos soon. Many thanks again. You are indeed lucky to live in such a beautiful place and to work with people that do you such credit.
- Jonathan & Magy Hughes

Apr. 25, 2005 "Made travel to a new country stress free."
I can't even begin to tell you how extraordinarily simple and enjoyable you made our recent visit to Costa Rica. Special note to Douglas Espinoza, who was so incredibly efficient and knowledgeable that he made travel to a new country stress free. From the first meeting at the airport upon landing to the little charter flight out of Quepos airport to return home, there was never a missed step, a late pick-up or a less than completely knowledgeable guide and driver.

Kudos to Luis, who was a walking-talking encyclopedia of Costa Rica and taught us about the country, its people and its customs and politics as we ventured into Monteverde. He was just wonderful! We have been recommending Costa Rica Expeditions to all of our friends who are contemplating a trip to your beautiful and exotic country. As a matter of fact, I stress to them that it is "one stop shopping," an expression we use in our country that denotes a company that can do everything you need and do it with grace and efficiency. If you ever need a recommendation or a reference, please to not hesitate to contact me. Thank you again and special thanks to Douglas for a superior job and legendary service. You have earned your reputation.
- Pam Hamilton and Peter Lewis

Apr. 25, 2005 ''Very nice guided tours of the Monteverde Cloud Forest.''
We just returned from a fantastic trip to Costa Rica. Aside from the mixup with overbooking the Monteverde Lodge, which you handled quite nicely, all reservations and transfers went extremely well.

We really enjoyed the Monteverde Lodge; a nice spot and all staff members treated us very well. All members of our group loved the Parador Resort & Spa at Manuel Antonio; the setting, views, swimming pool, and all staff members (except for two rather surly men working the front desk) were wonderful. We especially liked the breakfast buffet, and the impressive Friday night "surf and turf" buffet. We took advantage of very nice guided tours of the Monteverde Cloud Forest (getting great views of male and female quetzals) and of the Manuel Antonio Park. Guides at both locations were friendly, knowledgeable, and great with our children.

The bus transfers that you arranged were great. The driver, "Shampoo," who took us on all three legs of our trip, was always prompt and friendly. Despite his lack of English, we were able to communicate somewhat with him and get a few jokes across. Our kids fell in love with him, and he seemed to have a good time with us.

On the way to Monteverde, we had the bonus of a guide, Federico Alban, who was fluent in English, and seemed to have - and willingly shared - tremendous knowledge of Costa Rica. We also appreciated that Costa Rica Expeditions always gave us notice with regard to pickup times for the bus at each location. Thanks again.
- Gary Westerman

Apr. 22, 2005 "River & Rainforest adventure was amazing!"
Our River & Rainforest adventure was amazing! I was searching for a vacation for my teenage son and I; one which would offer a bonding experience as well as a vacation similar to those I had as an adolescent camping with my family. This vacation fulfilled my expectations plus more!

From the moment we belted ourselves into the single engine Cessna and took off I thought, "YES! This is exactly what I wanted my son to experience.” So exciting! Every adventure we went on was educational and fun. All of our guides were wonderful--all have tremendous respect and pride for their country. Aaron and Fillo in Corcovado, Luis at Savegre, and Alejandro on the Pacuare River. They were all very organized in a relaxed manner, friendly and knowledgeable. I felt we were well taken care of. The food and the presentation of the food were delicious and exceeded my expectations. There was plenty of food for everyone. My son, who is usually a picky eater, ate more than ever.

There were six of us on our particular tour--interestingly enough two are students and the rest of us are in the medical field. By the end of the trip I felt a special bond with our fellow travelers. The wildlife we encountered and the fauna was unlike any other vacation. Our campgrounds and lodging were immaculate, comfortable and inviting. Our white water rafting experience was the highlight of the trip. I was a bit worried at first, but I found the adventure to be challenging and felt safely led by Alejandro and his crew. The presentation of the meals on the Pacuare River was delightful. What a grand style of picnicing!

The only problem I encountered on the trip was our Cerro de la Muerte hike. I developed an ankle sprain with only 20 mins. left of hiking. Luis was astute to my problem and signaled for a driver to pick me up. No one made me feel as though I was a hindrance, and the driver of the truck was so sweet--although his English was fair, he conversed with me and made me feel comfortable. To fully appreciate the diversity of this mountain, perhaps this could be done on horseback.

I can't thank you enough for this adventure. When I think of the word nirvana, I think of Costa Rica. Congratulations to you and your staff on providing me with an experience I will never forget.
- Elisa Hindes

Apr. 20, 2005 "Thank you for the excellent assistance...in planning my trip."
I would like to thank you for the excellent assistance I received from Marco Madrigal in planning my trip to Costa Rica several weeks ago. My situation was a little unusual and Mr. Madrigal did an excellent job in helping my fill in the gaps in my itinerary. He arranged for us to stay at Hotel Punta Islita and we enjoyed it very much. I love Costa Rica and look forward to working with you to plan a trip in the future.
- Bob Klose, TN

Apr. 18, 2005 "Very courteous drivers and guides."
Our visit to Costa Rica last December was wonderful, and we certainly appreciated the excellent service that Costa Rica Expeditions provided. We were also met on schedule by very courteous drivers and guides, making the trip a wonderful experience. We also appreciated the willingness to make modifications to the schedule at our request.
- Larry and Barbara Shuman

Apr. 16, 2005 "One of the best adventures I have ever had. (And I'm 71!)"
Just want you to know that my trip to the rainforest was one of the best adventures I have ever had. (And I'm 71!) Wonderful guides, great food, and interesting people. I only wish I had done the trip much earlier.
- Bob Franke

Apr. 15, 2005 "The level of service and commitment displayed by your company was second to none."
Our experience with your company was nothing short of spectacular. My family has toured around the world to five continents and over thirty different countries and the level of service and commitment displayed by your company was second to none. Once we landed in Costa Rica, every single person from your company we encountered was exceptional in their care and attention to each and every one of us. Every question and every request was met with open arms and a willingness and desire to exceed our expectations.

I know that this type of commitment to excellence comes only by example from the most senior executive. American companies have a lot to learn in this regard, and I can only hope that other senior executives who come to Costa Rica can experience the professionalism of Costa Rica Expeditions and take what they learned from their experience back to their companies.
- Mark Jaffe

Apr. 14, 2005 "It was great! ...due to the excellent leadership of Charlie Gomez and our driver, Nino."
Dear Michael and Natalie: I want to take time to mention our recent Cincinnati Nature Center trip to Costa Rica with International Expeditions, Feb.19-Mar. 3. It was great! ...due in large part to the excellent leadership of Charlie (Carlos) Gomez and our driver, Nino.

Charlie has incredible patience in making sure everyone who wanted to see a bird actually had the time to find it. He would work with each person to help them find the hard-to-see species. He is also a good leader for general natural history as he offered all sorts of information on trees, butterflies, mammals and reptiles that we observed throughout the trip.

Charlie has a great ear in identifying various bird calls for the group as well. And, if there was a particular bird that the group wanted to see, he knew exactly where the best place to see it would be. I have taken groups across the globe, and he's one of the best!

Nino was an extremely courteous driver, and the group always felt safe with him, even when the other drivers on the road were driving like crazy Ticos! Nino also carried the scope and tripod when we were on the hikes. This was a great aid to many of the participants who had a challenging time finding the birds. Nino has amazing vision, and often he would find and see birds even before Charlie knew where the birds were located. Charlie and Nino also showed a great respect and admiration for one another. It was easy for the participants to see that Charlie and Nino were not only colleagues, but also good friends. We enjoyed hearing them laugh together and sharing funny situations with us.

The group became very fond of both these men, and this speaks well of their abilities as professional guides, representatives of your company, and delegates for Costa Rican tourism. Many of my participants were first time travelers into the tropics. I explained to them that they would now be spoiled in comparing future leaders because they had one of the best leaders there is in Charlie, and the best driver/guide there is in Nino!

When we come back to Costa Rica on some future safari for Cincinnati Nature Center, I will not come unless we can have Charlie and Nino guaranteed as our guide and driver -- they're the best!
- Bill Creasey, Cincinnati Nature Center

Mar. 12, 2005 Monteverde: “We cannot wait to go back.”
Hello Herrol: My wife and I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica, and especially at Monteverde Lodge. Everyone was very nice and helpful, especially Ari and Leo at the front desk, the waiters in the restaurant (which had great food, contrary to the reviews I read) and they really made our stay special. We got the chance to see our scorpion (in the dome light in our bathroom), plus many hummingbirds, quetzals, coatimundi, toucans - everything we wanted to see and more. Thank you so much for your help in arranging our trip, we cannot wait to go back.
- Tony Fasy

Mar. 3, 2005 "I (was) positively astounded I was by the hospitality of every single member of your staff."
I have been to countless restaurants and hotels, a few resorts and on many tours. I've received great service and a wonderful experience at so many of these places, but I have never in my life felt compelled to write a letter about it. I just returned from my first trip to Costa Rica and the core of my trip was your 3-day Tortuguero Jungle Odyssey. From the moment I was picked up at my hotel I was impressed with your level of service, it couldn't possibly have been more personal. On the drive out Steve was very informative and friendly, on the boat to Tortuga and on the tour the following day Roberto was also incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The lodge itself was absolutely perfect in every way, the rooms, the meals and the activities, but Cesar did a remarkable job at welcoming his guests and truly making us feel at home right away.

Unfortunately, I used a different company the next couple days to visit the Arenal area. Although the sights were great, the group was large, the pace was slow and I ended up feeling like a tourist not seeing everything and not experiencing any of the culture. I am a restaurant manager here, so service is very important to me. I can't emphasize enough how positively astounded I was by the hospitality of every single member of your staff I encountered. And to top it all off, yesterday morning I was walking around San Jose before I had to get to the airport when someone greeted me. It was your guide who had accompanied me from the airport back to my hotel. Of all the hundreds of people walking along that street, he recognized me and asked if I had made it to Arenal. There is no question that I will be back to see you soon.
- Michael Glasier

Mar. 2, 2005 "Your service, contacts, scheduling, drivers, etc. were faultless and we were pleased with everything."
Just wanted to let you know that your service, contacts, scheduling, drivers, etc. were faultless and we were pleased with everything. We had never been to Costa Rica before and it was certainly helpful to have your expertise. We stayed at Monteverde Lodge and it was delightful. Food was delicious. We are recommending your agency to friends of ours who are ready to embark on planning a trip to Costa Rica. Thank you again,
- Helen and Jim Petosky

Mar. 2, 2005 "Everything went flawless. Excellent guides and drivers."
Dear Grettel: Thanks so much for planning and implementing that wonderful trip to Costa Rica. Gina and I had the time of our lives. Everything went flawless. Excellent guides and drivers. Luis, Memo (Guirremo), Dani, and Randall (La Paloma) were all excellent. I would recommend your agency to anyone wanting to see this beautiful country. We would love to come again. Actually I'm trying to bring my daughter on the next trip. Thanks again for all your hard work.
- Fazal

Feb. 28, 2005 "Thank you for planning such a great trip for us."
Dear Nadya: Greetings from snowy Michigan. I want to thank you for planning such a great trip for us. It was all that I had hoped for, and more. The three of us enjoyed the entire time: rain, mud and even no fish. None of that mattered, it was a fantastic trip. We expected rain and were well prepared. We saw fantastic birds, Phyllis and I added new birds to our lists, we saw lots of old favorites, enjoyed the company of the guides, and feel that we have a new friend in Carlos. He was terrific and really made the trip special for us. Our ride to Moin with Carlos and Oswaldo was most interesting and it was a real plus to have Oswaldo with us. We saw some good birds on the road out of Rancho thanks to Carlos and Oswaldo.

The boat ride to Tortuga was so much better than I imagined. I guess I had no idea what that was going to be like, but we had a great time and Miguel made our stay there so enjoyable. The fishing wasn't good, but when you fish, you take that into account. We enjoyed being with Eddy Brown and saw some good birds while fishing. Villa Rosa Blanca was terrific. The area was beautiful, we added good new birds (crested guan for one) and I had the first massage of my 65 years. The rooms were beautiful and the staff was great. Their birding guide, Warner, went out of his way to see that we saw good birds and we loved it.

This is a very brief summary, but I wanted you to know how much we appreciated all of your help. You did a wonderful job. l am just sorry that we didn't get to meet you. Maybe next time, we will be back. Thank you so much, Nadya, it was a wonderful trip!
- Nancy

Feb. 8, 2005 "We will always remember the attention to detail and the individual service you provided."
Dear Michael: It is on my list to write to Marco, for the absolutely marvellous trip he organised for us. Costa Rica was near the end of a journey around the world, and so I have a list of follow-up thank-yous to send. Everything was in place when we arrived in San Jose and we had a great trip. Having booked with you due to the reference in Lonely Planet, via the Internet it looked a risk, but I needed not have had any concern. What we will always remember was the attention to detail and the individual service you provided. Since returning to the UK, I have already recommended the company to a friend.
- Michael Robinson, Lincoln, England

Feb. 7, 2005 ''We were very happy with all arrangements.''
Our trip with Costa Rica Expeditions was organized with high profesionalism by Marco Madrigal and we were very happy with all arrangements. My wife Nicole, who is a Travel Consultant, will surely recommend your services to her clientele.
- Jeffrey Fessel, MD

Feb. 3, 2005 "We loved everything about Corcovado!"
Priscilla: Garry, Emma, and I just wanted to let you know that we had an amazing trip to Corcovado in December and we wanted to thank you for all your help with our plans! It was great for us to be able to leave the logistics to you and to just RELAX with our friends for 4 days at your luxurious beach/jungle lodge. What a treat! We loved everything about Corcovado!

Everything went smoothly and we were particularly happy about the air conditioned taxi ride from Puerto Jimenez to Carate. So much better than riding in the open trucks in the sweltering heat. THANK YOU! Also, our flight from Carate to SJ was perfect. And, we were pleasantly surprised to find Alberto (name?) waiting for us as our transfer guide. He was so nice and informative. We really enjoyed his "driving tour" stories and his friendliness. Thank you again for all of your help with planning our trip of a lifetime!
- Alicia Foster, Emma and Garry Hanley

Jan. 31, 2005 "Special commendation to Carla Taylor...an amazingly professional, aware, caring guide."
Marco: Though I never managed to meet you face-to-face, I wanted to thank you for all the unsung work you must have done organizing our tour. The accomodations/staff, drivers, pilots, etc were all so, so sincere and willing and informed. I'd like to give a special commendation to Carla Taylor, who was an amazingly professional, aware, caring guide. On one evening in particular, her steady head and awareness helped avert what could have been a critical situation. With all my thanks and heart, and hopes to return to CR before long.
- Marc Nieson

Jan. 31, 2005 "Loved the thermal springs in Arenal."
Dear Grettel: We had dinner Sat. eve. with the Collinses, and they told us all about their trip. They LOVED it! They were so happy they had called me, and glad I used you, because having the guides made all the difference!

I know the only hitch was the greeting in the beginning (San Jose vs arrv in Liberia), and they were very OK about that since the driver was so nice, and though he didn't speak much English, he was able to help Mary get crutches for her ankle which she sprained en route to the airport!

They loved the thermal springs in Arenal and visiting the people on an island in the middle of the Penas Blancas River. They loved all the information they got from the various guides, whom they said got better and better. They liked the private pool at Cala Luna. I think they thought Tamarindo a little too built up, but they still had a wonderful time. Thank you for all your hard work.
- Carly Detwiller, Katlin Travel

Jan. 20, 2005 ''Monteverde Lodge was wonderful! We loved it! The food was delicious and the people kind...''
Dear Michael and Natalie: We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica and will definetly be planning a return trip! I was a little hesitant in using your services because all correspondences were through e-mail, making it hard for me to get a sense of how reliable you would be. My comfort level rose when we were greeted in the San Jose airport and everything was so well organized. Additionally, Mauricio, our driver was so kind and knowledgeable about the country and it's wildlife that we felt the drive to Monteverde was an adventure in itself. Mauricio even pointed out our first monkey sighting and numerous birds along the way.

Once in Monteverde, the Monteverde Lodge was wonderful! We loved it! The food was delicious and the people kind and interested in our satisfaction. We will include it in our return trip. I miss sitting by the fire!

I'd like to also say that Luz was wonderful in helping us and we appreciate all her efforts in making this a great trip! We look forward to our next trip and will be getting in touch to schedule.
- Maria Lyons

Jan. 18, 2005 ''I marvel at everything that you and the others at Costa Rica Expeditions did to make out trip forever memorable.''
Dear Selena: I cannot begin to find all the adjectives to describe how pleased I was with the trip my family and I had to Costa Rica over the holidays. Working with ages from 10 to 75 is not easy to begin with, and then my endless requests and edits to the plan. I marvel at everything that you and the others at Costa Rica Expeditions did to make out trip forever memorable--and I am a well-traveled, tough critic. The details and thoughtfulness of those at Costa Rica Expeditions simply cannot be praised enough. You all deserve a round of applause for a job very well done.

From the minute we arrived at Monteverde Lodge and watched Maria quietly and confidently working behind the scenes to make sure we felt at home, to Cesar at Tortuguero Lodge who cheerfully greeted us at the airstrip and casually, yet professionally, exhibited how a very well-run lodge should function, to Owen smiling without hesitation when we asked him to meet us at the dock at 5:15 A. M. to look for "whatever moves", and finally to Mitchell at Corcovado who made sure that my nearly-75-year-old father could tell his friends at home about his trip to the top of the platform--we felt welcomed and delighted to be in your company and care. For this we thank you.

To the countless waiters that smiled and gently explained juice when we ordered glasses of "fuego" for breakfast, brought modified dishes of food without hesitation for the picky eaters among us, and created delightful "kiddy cocktails" based upon our poor Spanish/English instructions--you made us happy and made us smile. For this we appreciate all that you did and we thank you.

And last, but not least we will always remember Max and Sonia who became part of our family for the week. Max, who drove us safely everywhere, helped us with our Spanish, and who we knew we could count on no matter what. And Sonia, who my nieces adored, who tactfully managed our disagreements, and who taught us more than we ever imagined about Costa Rica and its beauty. We will not forget you; we cannot express our heart-felt appreciation and thanks enough.
- Susan Haerr Zucker

Jan. 18, 2005 "3 wonderful sunny days at Manuel Antonio thanks to your very clever re-organisation of the schedule."
Dear Marco: I had to write to say how much we enjoyed our stay in Costa Rica and how really excellent we found Costa Rica Expeditions. I usually arrange our family holidays myself and it was a real pleasure to hand this over to you. Your drivers were very kind and extremely punctual and we were very impressed that every flight and every hotel booking went so smoothly. It was really kind of you to alter our intinerary because of the weather and we were able to have three wonderful sunny days at Manuel Antonio thanks to your very clever re-organisation of the schedule. We loved Costa Rica and we will certainly return to repeat one or two destinations and maybe try out one or two new ones.
- Naomi Hartnell

Jan. 17, 2005 "You delivered 100% of the time...no disappointments."
I was very pleased with all of the arrangements your company made for our trip. My 2 daughters and I had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. I would certainly recommend Costa Rica Expeditions to anyone who was planning a trip. You delivered 100% of the time...no disappointments. Thank you!
- Karen Smallwood

Jan. 17, 2005 Guide's "ability to sight the awe-inspiring wildlife at a blink of an eye."
I wanted to write a quick note about Sofia Cordero. She was the guide of my recent trip to Costa Rica which was organized by Caldwell College, a small liberal arts college from New Jersey, USA. If it were not for Sofia and Ramón (our driver), the trip would not have been nearly as extraordinary. Their knowledge, ability to sight the awe-inspiring wildlife at a blink of an eye, kindness and generosity was astounding. I have a master's degree in Biology and Environmental Policy and I found that Sofia's knowledge often surpassed my own. Because of her, my knowledge of, and respect, for Costa Rica grew exponentially. She is a true asset to your company as well as to Costa Rica in general.
- Megan Callus

Jan. 10, 2005 "We were very impressed and grateful for the exceptional service we received."
Dear Michael: To summarize, our trip was everything we hoped for plus more! Costa Rica is such an incredible country which includes such wonderful people! We were very impressed and grateful for the exceptional service we received.

Most important, we must have had one your best guides you employ with our small group, Alvaro Farias. He made the trip an experience that we will always remember. His enthusiasm for what he does, the love of his country and its nature to always caring that everything was going well for each of us was so appreciated. It was also special that he was knowledgeable in all areas of our Multisport adventure including the rafting at the end. Now that will be a Christmas that will be hard to top.

In addition, Rebeca Zuniga was such a pleasure to work with setting up the trip and having all the details worked out for us! Our driver, Ricardo Coto Acuna, for part of the adventure was also such a pleasure!
- Karen, Bob and Krista Harriman

Jan. 5, 2005 "I wish we could do the whole tour over again right now."
Hi Memo: A week has passed, and I'm still suffering from a major case of "Costa Rica withdrawal"! Seriously, I wish we could do the whole tour over again right now. Flying back to Seattle, I didn't have the comforting feeling that usually accompanies returning home. Instead, I felt a real sadness - knowing that I'll probably never see Costa Rica - or you - again. As you must know, you really are a major part of the reason the trip was so much fun and I'm sure everyone would agree (even Marie!) :) Your love & knowledge of nature, skill in communicating in an interesting way, & ability to encounter the unexpected - and make adjustments - are all important.

But the most important thing you contribute is just "you". You're one of the most special people I've ever met, and I feel like I've known you for a long time instead of just a few days. I mean that sincerely. Of course, I'd love to have have done all the hikes, but I'm glad to have trusted your judgement. (It's frustrating, when you're 70 on the outside, & 17 on the inside!) If I hadn't lost 30 lbs. beforehand, (so that I could be rescued from the rapids), I might still be floating down the river (or around the lake)! That was a 'highlight' of my trip (rather than a 'lowlight'), because it's probably the most adventurous thing I've ever done. Actually, the whole trip was one big 'highlight'. Again, muchas gracias for an unforgettable week. Costa Rica will always be in my heart.
- Kay

Jan. 4, 2005 ''Our trip was truly amazing and just what we had hoped it would of been.''
Dear Selena: I have been trying to think of a way to say thank you to you and everyone with your company. Our trip was truly amazing and just what we had hoped it would of been. I am not sure which was Myles's favorite part, but one thing for sure the fact that he caught the Blue Morpho Butterfly and made a wish for his cancer to be gone, made my heart skip a beat....and the trip well worth the effort.

Our guide Luis, was truly amazing, he was wonderful with our son, and had a heart of gold, it is because of his wonderful nature that our experience in Costa Rica was so wonderful. He explained everything and told us so much about the area. At times our son was difficult but that did not stop Luis from showing his patience and kindness.

Pricilla our driver was also excellent and took pride in what and how she drove, she was very funny and Myles got a kick out of her trying to learn English. I am not sure what God has planed for our son, but I do know that you and your team, gave us the chance to spend a little bit of time in heaven with him, here on earth by arranging a wonderful trip in God's Garden. Who knows maybe one day...we will return with our son.
- Susan, Wayne & Myles McLellan

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