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Picture by Mason Fischer© Courtesy Intl Expeditions. Apr 2005.

Great Green Macaw

Great Green Macaws, which had almost disappeared in Tortuguero, are now frequently seen, thanks to the prohibition on logging the tropical almond, the Macaws' main food source. The decking for the docks at Tortuga Lodge, which was originally made from tropical almond, is now being replaced by synthetic decking made in Costa Rica. The Great Green Macaw lives primarily in the canopy of the lowland forest, where it finds its preferred food, the fruit of a giant legume tree. It has a shorter tail than the Scarlet Macaw, is mostly yellow-green in color with a scarlet forehead and a white face with black and red lines. It measures 79 cm long and weighs 1.3 kg. The voice of the Great Green Macaw is loud and raucous, making squawks and shouts and what sound like growls. The birds travel in flocks of up to 15 over the Caribbean slope. See Lodge information and prices.
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