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Costa Rica Expeditions guest prepares to be lifted 120 feet to the Corcovado Lodge tree platform.
Photo by Felipe Lopez Feb 2006

Final check
Guide looks over this guest's position in the bosun's chair before giving the signal to winch him up to the Corcovado Lodge tree platform. After being fitted for a helmet and harness, a participant is seated in the bosun's chair, a sturdy swing-style seat. The second 6,000 pound test rope is attached to the top of the bosun's chair, and run to another independent anchor system and pulley up in the canopy. This "haul-rope" then leads back down to the ground station and is anchored to a large hand-driven winch. This winch hoists the bosun's chair up into the canopy and onto the tree platform deck. See Corcovado Lodge information and prices.