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luis cubero
Senior Travel Planner
After working several years as a geographer, Luis has an intimate knowledge of Costa Ricas most remote areas from the central mountain ranges to the coastal lowlands. This knowledge gives him a unique perspective when designing trips for guests. Geographers are travelers by nature, he says. We like to explore places and cultures and we are lovers of the outdoors. As a travel planner Im in contact with people from around the world who share my interest in learning about and exploring this marvelous country.

Luis has been with Costa Rica Expeditions since Oct. 2006. He specializes in upscale, family and active vacations. He holds a geography degree from Costa Rica University (2002) and is an avid reader of National Geographic and other books and magazines. In his spare time Luis also enjoys listening to world music, Internet radio and playing soccer with his friends.

His birthday is July 4, 1980.


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Feb 10, 2011.- Costa Rican Expeditions provided the same great service as 5 years ago when we stayed at the Monteverde Lodge
As you think about how we planned and fulfilled your Costa Rica vacation...
Luis Cubero was very thorough, prompt and responsive to our questions.  The vacation we planned became a reality thanks to his attention to detail.
What happened that fascinated, delighted, inspired, amazed or enlightened ?
our boat guide at Tortuguero - Luis, was very knowledgeable and knew where to find a wide variety of animals both on our way to the Lodge and on the tour the next day.
what you read and heard before hand? 
Costa Rican Expeditions provided the same great service as 5 years ago when we stayed at the Monteverde Lodge
...and what fell short of your expectations? 
the weather
Did the trip change your feelings about those you traveled with? No. 
Only reinforced our positive feelings towards them.
What were the few most important things that decided you to go with us?
Past experience
What Costa Rica Expeditions people exceeded or fell short of your expectations, and in what ways? 
All of the people were great especially Luis, the boat tour guide and Itsa (spelling is questionable) the transfer guide who met us on the last day.
What would you say to a friend if you wanted to persuade them to choose us when they come to Costa Rica?
If you want to be spoiled and not have to worry about details on your vacation and you want to just sit back and relax then book a tour with Costa Rican Expeditions.


Jan 26, 2011.- .except we felt the pickup times were unnecessarily early Quick and thorough response to our emails by Luis Cabero.

As you think about how we planned and fulfilled your Costa Rica vacation... 
What happened that fascinated, delighted, inspired, amazed or enlightened -- something that might become a lifetime memory?
We loved the Osa Peninsula - snorkeling at Cano Island and hiking in Corcovado.
What surprised you by going beyond the hopes you had, based on our site or what you read and heard before hand?
La Paloma lodge is beautiful and luxurious.  More people should head to that part of Costa Rica. The CRE drivers and guides were great, always willing to share their knowledge and stop for photo opportunities constantly for my wife.  We especially liked our driver (twice), Rolando, who went out of his way to make sure we saw everything we wanted to.
...and what fell short of your expectations?
 Nothing really, except we felt the pickup times were unnecessarily early.  For example, CRE insisted on picking us up in Arenal at 8am for a 3pm flight from San Jose.  We had hours to kill.  Similarly, CRE picked us up at 8am at our San Jose hotel for a 12:30pm flight back to Miami.  We had 3 hours in the airport.
 What issue beforehand almost decided you to not travel with us?
 Nothing, we checked others and CRE was the best.
What were the few most important things that decided you to go with us?
 Quick and thorough response to our emails by Luis Cabero.
What Costa Rica Expeditions people exceeded or fell short of your expectations, and in what ways? 
Two of our drivers -- Rolando and ??? (drove us from San Jose to Arenal) were especially good.  No one fell short of our expectations.   
What would you say to a friend if you wanted to persuade them to choose us when they come to Costa Rica? 
CRE was very professional and went out of its way to make sure we were taken care of without trying to push us into doing things we weren't interested in.  They arranged all the internal flights and transfers, and booked the hotels we requested.  Everything worked perfectly. 
Pete Elms
December 2010

Our Response

I looked into the unnecessarily early pick up times for the two transfers that you mention. For the SANSA flight from San Jose to Drakes Bay, you needed to be at SANSA by 2:15PM, they require that guests be there 45 minutes prior to the departure time. In this case I agree with you, this pick up time was scheduled too early. Spending two hours at the SANSA terminal is no fun. Ive spoken to our Operations Department about this and they agree that it was a programming mistake. Thank you for the heads up. Your transfer to the International Airport was for a 12:30pm flight, the airline asks that you be at the airport 3 hours prior to flight time which in this case would be 9:30am. Given that you were at Vista del Valle which is one hour from the airport, we set the pickup time for 8:am. This give us 30 extra minutes in case there is a delay in leaving the hotel, something is forgotten or in case of a flat tire or exceptionally bad traffic. Also, given that you were leaving the country on January 2nd, we knew that this was going to be a busy day at the airport and we thought that it would be better for you to wait inside the terminal than in line at the counter. I realize that waiting is no fun, but in this case, we thought that is was best to get you there with the required 3 hours rather than risk having your miss your flight. Do you drink coffee? I would like to send you a supply of gourmet Costa Rica coffee to make up for the wait at SANSA. If you dont drink coffee, how about chocolate? If you would enjoy this, please send me your mailing address and I will send it right away. Natalie Ewing Chief Marketing & Guest Satisfaction Officer

Jan 12, 2011.- We travel extensively and this was one of the best trips we have ever had.
Hi Luis,

I wanted to say thank you for arranging a part of our wonderful trip to your fantastic country. We travel extensively and this was one of the best trips we have ever had. I had been to Costa Rica 3 times previously but this time was special. Even the occasional bad weather could not spoil it for us.

I have liked working with you and Costa Rica Expeditions and hope to do so again some time in the future.

We have come home to a snow storm and are now getting ready for Christmas.

Felice Navidad.

Larry Kolmatycki December 2010

Oct 28, 2009.- Our trip was amazing!
Our trip was amazing! You did a great job planning this for us as well as making sure each of our locations were up to what was expected. We took a lot of pictures and I wrote a journal while we were there. When I'm finishing editing it and creating the online version I'll send it to you. Feel free to use it as a success story.
-Chad Stinner

Aug 3, 2009.- "Everything you worked into our itinerary far exceeded our expectations."
Luis!!! I'm so glad that you e-mailed! I would like to tell you how awesome you and EVERYONE who we came in contact with was. Everything you worked into our itinerary far exceeded our expectations. I think it's great that even though we couldn't fit into the Costa Rica Expeditions' white water rafting schedule, you booked us with Rios Tropicales. Our guide, Cristian, and his assistant (I forgot his name) took really great care of us. They cooked for us and took us hiking and ziplining. The lodge was so freaking awesome. Like, craaaaaazy awesome. It's not what you would expect for a lodge in the middle of nowhere. It was nicer than a lot of hotels we've stayed at and definitely much more interesting!

I was a little hesitant about the whole nature thing in Monteverde because we don't really know anything about what to look for. I mean, we could be like, "Hey look, there's a nice looking plant" but that's about it. And we wouldn't have known where to look for all the wildlife. I mean you told us in our itinerary that we would have a guide, but I thought it just meant someone was going to go hiking with us along with another group and point things out. But no, it was so much more!! WE FREAKING HAD OUR OWN PRIVATE NATURALIST FOR 2 DAYS!!! That's nuts! We totally did not expect that. FEDERICO TOTALLY MADE OUR TRIP!!! Always carrying around that bigass telescope and talking nonstop about this and that. "Oh my gosh, look here!!! No no, there, there!!!" HAHAHAHA! Made us feel like VIPs!!! And our driver! Shampoo! He's such a nice man!! The two of them make such a great team. We learned a lot from them, and they were so patient with us. We laughed a lot and had a lot of fun, more than we ever thought we would have. I hope they're doing well!

Oh, while we were at the lodge in Monteverde, my friend Lisa thought one of the staff was really hot. I forgot his name, but he worked at the bar and restaurant. I think he's married and has a kid. She was trying to hit on him in Spanish but she doesn't really know that much so she said, "Con permiso guapo!!!" And then tried to ask him in Spanish what his plans were for the night, but I don't think she said it right. Haha, I think the staff thought we were nuts :)

We loved our itinerary. We loved the people we met, the things we saw, the food we ate. Dude, who knew rice and beans could be that good?!!! And we drank a lot of guaro :) It was the best experience ever. Thank you so much for planning it for us. Everything was so easy, accomodations were in optimal locations, drivers were on safe and on time, itinerary was the best. SO AWESOME. I only wish we could have met you to take you out for some drinks!

Below is a link to some pictures we took. We have A LOT of pictures of scenery, but I figure you have plenty of those. If you want more pics, let me know what you're looking for, and I can send them to you. We have over 2,000. :) We've been recommending you to everyone who's asked us about Costa Rica. Please let us know if you need anything or if you're ever in San Francisco :) Peace out Luis! I hope everyone gets a chance to have the same experience we did, pura vida!!

Jul 5, 2009.- You were attentive to our interests, always responded to my MILLIONS of questionsand, you designed a trip that was unforgettable!
Hi Luis: What an EXCELLENT trip!!! Absolutely wonderful!!! I will write a separate note to Costa Rica Expeditions to communicate our complete satisfaction with the planning and actual trip, but first I wanted to send a personal note to you to say 'thank you'. You were wonderful to work with! I hope all your clients are as satisfied with your planning skills as our family was. You were attentive to our interests, always responded to my MILLIONS of questions, you were pleasant to work with, and, you designed a trip that was unforgettable! THANK YOU!!!

The little gift we gave you was just a small token of our appreciation. You don't know how much it meant to us that you to handled all the preparation and headaches that go along with planning a trip. I'm so glad we were assigned to you as our travel planner! And, I'm really glad we got to meet you!...icing on the cake!

When we were in Monteverde, I was talking to another guest who was also on a trip with CRE. She told me she also booked her trip through you. Unfortunately, I never got her name, but I know her guide's name was Sophia. Anyway, this person had all the same nice things to say about you. She said she asked if her group could meet you, but your response was that the planners don't typically meet the travelers. I didn't tell her that you had taken your personal time to meet me and my family. But I knew in my head that you had taken your time to meet us. Very special! I feel privileged to have met you!

The other special person on our trip was Federico Alban! We couldn't have asked for a better guide!!! He fit right in with our family. He made our trip SO enjoyable! Great personality! Very energetic! Knowlegeable. Sensative to our family interests! How did we get so lucky to be assigned to you as our planner and Federico as our guide?!!! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who travels to Costa Rica!!!
-Debbie Bittner

Jun 3, 2009.- We were all really impressed with what you were able to do with our budget. We felt like VIPs
Luis: I was going to write you an e-mail, but wanted to attach pictures...Too bad you couldn't join us, we had a lot of fun. I'll send you a more formal e-mail once I figure out what pics to send. But, in short, everything was awesome. I think we were all really impressed with what you were able to do with our budget. We felt like VIPs the whole time cuz we had private guides and drivers for our little group :) Anyway, hopefully, I'll be able to send you a more detailed e-mail by the end of this week. I'll include some stories, so it might be really long, be prepared!!!
-Jennifer Wang

Jun 2, 2009.- I was ''shocked'' to see how everything was well-coordinated, especially the flights and transportation.
Dear Luis: Indeed, times fly! Our trip was absolutely fantastic! Costa Ricans are so welcoming and friendly, and the wildlife is great (but the rain is wet...). We have only good things to say, and to thank you for so many good advices! I think that the biggest success was having Diego Blanco with us. He is a superb guide, and together with Randel the driver they made an excellent team. We (also our 4 kids) regretted not having Diego for the rest of the trip (we needed him especially in Corcovado). Comments regarding hotels from my perspective:
1. The Lost Iguana Hotel was an excellent recommendation for spoiled people like us! Just a marvelous place.
2. Punta Islita was also outstanding, especially having the 2 casas with the private pool. Please note that the main infinity pool is off limits for kids, please make sure to mention it to future travelers. The kids adored spending 4 days in Punta Islita, but my wife and I ended up regretting not spending a couple more days in the humid, air conditionless La Paloma in Drake instead of having the relaxed days in Punta Islita. The zip-lining is indeed very family-friendly, non-scary at all. People who look for more adrenalin rush (not me) should go somewhere else.
3. Monteverde Lodge - great restaurant, food and hotel garden.
4. Tortugero Lodge - exciting garden and trails, but I suggest emphasizing to travelers that the beach should be off limits as not only dangerous but extremely dirty.
5. Finca Rosa Blanca - another success, especially if you take the coffee tour.

Itinerary planning: I was "shocked" to see how everything was well-coordinated, especially the flights and transportation. There was only one "glitch", and it was in our favour: instead of flying Drake - San Jose (and getting our bag with clean clothes) -Tortugero, we had a direct flight to Tortugero without realizing it until touching the ground. Luckily Nicole in La Paloma suggested to have our clothes washed and dried for a ridiculous fee (8$ per basket). Highly recommended!

The only disappointment that we had was Corcovado. Our guide wasn't so enthusiastic as the others. I was hoping to get in the deep secluded forest, but we were taken to the nearest official entrance. Although it was a half-a-day trip with provided lunch, it ended up to be the less exciting tour with almost no wildlife (but beautiful beaches). I would have much preferred touring the more remote (Southern?) entrance and spend a longer day in Corcovado. Luckily, the following day we had a great day snorkeling at Cano Island with Roy, who was a great guide. I will email you some pictures in a separate email (although you're probably tired of wildlife pictures).

Again, thank you for getting us such a great experience, and PLEASE tell Diego that our kids don't stop talking about him. Apparently he became a role model for them. Should one of you visit Canada, please email us prior your arrival.

Apr 22, 2009.- The destinations and activities he set up for our family were perfect for all of us.
Dear Michael and Natalie: I am very glad to get your email as I have wanted to write you about our incredible trip. We have been quite busy since getting back, so this correspondence (as well our survey form) has not seen the prompt attention we had intended. Of course, one of the things we have been busy with is down loading the content of three cameras, so we will be glad to send you our compilation. Be advised however that we do find ourselves reliving these great times as we go through every single picture, so I expect that this process will be somewhat drawn out.

Shari and I have been very fortunate as we have had the opportunity to travel fairly extensively. Our first trip to Costa Rica was when Shari was pregnant with Natalie - a last vacation BC, Before Child. We fell in love with the country and its people, particularly their knowledge and respect of the beauty and variety of nature that this one of a kind country provides them. We actually stayed at Si Como No that nine plus years ago, so we were excited to return. We knew on that first visit that we wanted to have Natalie experience this wonderful place as soon as she was old enough to appreciate its unique beauty and gracious people; we fully expected that she would soon feel as we did about Costa Rica.

What we did not expect was the unrivaled traveling experience that Costa Rica Expeditions along with your associates provided for our family every step of the way. At the outset, Luis Cubero gave patient and thorough consideration to the combination of our wishes and schedule requirements. The destinations and activities he set up for our family were perfect for all of us. Then, arrival - and from that point on a seamless, smooth (yet still fun) transition from point to point; and while Shari and Natalie were both comfortable and impressed, I must tell you that as the person who is usually concerned with making sure all the pieces fit, I finally had a real vacation myself.

It is difficult to single out individual areas where our expectations were exceeded, but certainly the food at each of the destinations Luis picked for us was beyond surprising (you're bound to get a least a few pictures when we send you a disc as we soon started taking pictures of plates before we dug in). For us; ideal accommodations, incredible food, impeccable service, fascinating guides, and friendly and empathetic assistance at every turn. For her part, Natalie is hard pressed to pick a favorite highlight - was it zip lining through a forest canopy, watching a troupe of monkeys do acrobatics across her path, or just relaxing in a palm surrounded pool.

I have already forwarded your link with my recommendation to several business associates, and Shari is spreading the word to all of her Delta Airlines co-workers, so we do hope we can have some friends share this wonderful vacation experience. Please don't hesitate to have any potential customers contact us for our familys unqualified recommendation. Our sincere thanks for, just as you promised, the trip of a lifetime.
-Bruce, Shari & Natalie Clark

Apr 14, 2009.- We had a WONDERFUL trip. Everything and everyone was great!
Hi Luis: Again, we had a WONDERFUL trip. Everything and everyone was great! I hope we can return to Costa Rica someday. I would not have planned things any differently, except to have a day or two more at the beach. What an experience!
-Diane Miller

Mar 19, 2009.- The schedule you had put together was just perfect. We were busy but the pace was just right.
Luis: Just wanted to let you know that the four of us had a wonderful time in Costa Rica last week! We saw a lot of animals (pretty much everything we wanted to see except no poison dart frogs) and the schedule you had put together was just perfect. We were busy but the pace was just right. We are going to fill out the survey and mail it in, but I wanted to give you a bit of personal feedback.

First of all, the four hotels were wonderful - much nicer than we had expected. La Cusinga was a pleasant surprise because it doesn't look that nice at first - but the dinner was probably the best meal we had the entire trip! They have a new chef - there is no menu, just one meal - and it was excellent and not too expensive. The only hotel problem we had was that at two of the places - La Cusinga and Villa Blanca - we had to change rooms once we got there because our son and daughter were assigned to a room with only one bed. Fortunately both places had vacancies so it worked out OK.

Finally, thank you SO much for the delicious lunch at Villa Blanca. That morning was a bit frustrating due to the confusion about airport assignments, but once it was cleared up we were only a few hours late getting to Villa Blanca and we enjoyed our afternoon there. We were hungry by the time we got there, since we had had breakfast at 5:30am, so we do appreciate the nice lunch!
-Jackie & Bill Stallings

Mar 12, 2009.- We have had the time of our lives.
Hello Luis: We have had the time of our lives, truly a very memorable vacation. Thanks to you for putting together such an itinerary that exceeded all our expectations! Everyone we met associated with Costa Rica Expeditions made us feel a part of the family! Each one is a true ambassador for CRE and for Costa Rica. I will fill out the questionnaire in detail and send it to you, but I had to share this with you right away! Many, many thanks from us to you.
-Bharat Raval

Feb 27, 2009.- Thank you for organizing our best vacation ever.
We are all well and home safely after a 36-hour journey home! We had a fabulous time in Costa Rica and will highly recommend CR Expeditions to everyone. I will write up a detailed message for you later, but thank you for organizing our best vacation ever.
-Carole Greenfield

Jan 13, 2009.- We loved everything about our vacation. You planned a perfect trip for us.
What a fabulous vacation we had in Costa Rica! You have a beautiful country with such friendly people! We loved everything about our vacation. You planned a perfect trip for us. We were able to see such different parts of Costa Rica from the cloud forest to Guanacaste and the Pacific Ocean to Arenal to the Central Valley. We were even able to see Arenal with no clouds covering the peak! We saw wildlife (sloths, howler monkeys, birds, tarantulas, butterflies) and my parents saw every orchid in the country! The hotels were perfect. Arenal Nyara and Punta Islita were beautiful! Everyone of our guides and drivers were excellent! All I can say is that life at home is not the same since we miss the fresh fruit and tipico breakfasts.

Thank you so much for helping to make my birthday special. What a surprise to arrive to cake and champagne! Thank you also for my gift of the wood frog. He is an excellent addition to my frog collection. Did Michael tell you in advance that I collect frogs? Everywhere I travel, I buy frogs. Your gift has a place of honor in my home. We will gladly recommend Costa Rica Expeditions to anyone traveling to your country. Thank you again for helping us plan the perfect vacation.
-Jill Haas

Jan 13, 2009.- All of our arrangements were perfectly planned.
Hi Luis: I want to start off by saying that we had an absolutely wonderful trip and you were to thank for that! The fact that all of our arrangements were perfectly planned made all the difference in the world. I can't tell you enough how great it was that we had our own plane, our own ride, own driver, own guideand our own planner!
-Sandy Gibson

Jan 9, 2009.- It was the best vacation we have ever taken.
Dear Michael and Natalie: Our holiday with Costa Rica Expeditions was great!!! In fact it was the best vacation we have ever taken. Our boys had a blast and even though everyone had a tough time saying their names, (Zale and Zev) each guide and driver always tried. We have only wonderful things to say about Luis Cubero, our travel planner, and Luis, our guide. Due to plane delays, we arrived a day late in San Jose and were thrilled to find people to greet us and take us to Savegre Lodge.

Staying at Laguna Vista in Corcovado was very special. The place is beautiful. Kenya and the other staff who work there made us feel like royalty. Nan fed us great meals that were delicious and healthy. Luis was always there to get us up and out. He was thoughtful, fun, sensitive to our needs and is a wealth of knowledge on Costa Rica, which he generously shared with us.

The Pacuare Rafting and overnight was also a highlight. We did it and survived both the tent and rapids and had a fabulous time. We look forward to returning and having more adventures. With warm memories and many thanks to all of you for a fabulous trip.
-Judi Swartz & Bob Skolnik

Jan 6, 2009.- The trip was amazingThank you.
The trip was amazing, fabulous, unbelievable. Thank you for making it all work out. The crew was awesome. I cant say enough good things. Thank you again.
-Judy Horvath

Dec 16, 2008.- Your guides and staff were always very helpful, courteous and reliable.
Hello Luis: Thank you for the follow-up. We arrived home Monday night after a good flight with only a short delay in Houston due to weather. Dani and I very much enjoyed our visit to Costa Rica. We had no problems during our trip and the service provided by Costa Rica Expeditions was excellent. Your guides and staff were always very helpful, courteous and reliable. We hope to use your services again and will enthusiastically recommend Costa Rica Expeditions to our friends.
-Mel Willis

Dec 2, 2008.- If the service that you gave us is typical of what Costa Rica Expeditions offers its clients, it is no wonder that your company has such a great reputation.
Dear Luis: Thank you for the luxurious surprise spa treatments at the Lost Iguana Hotel. They did a great job making us feel spoiled and rejuvenated. You were very kind to think of doing this for us. We had the most awesome time in Costa Rica. The welcome dinner was one of the big favorites for all of us. You were so nice to get everyone there together for that and to take us to La Casita Azul with such delicious food and atmosphere. Since Randy and I were part of a big company, we know how hard it is to add to your schedule the dinners and such that are fun but require additional time and energy.

Being with Diego Blanco every day was the very best part of the trip. He has a winning personality and the ability to share tons of information without ever lecturing! All of the plans you made worked really well and Diego's genuine love of the country kept us interested in everything. It is hard to believe that we saw so many amazing insects, birds, fish, plants, and other animals in one week. Our children were also very appreciative of having everything carefully arranged for our pleasure and convenience. Marco was probably the best driver I've ever seen and we never had any concerns about being in good hands.

Various family members will soon be sorting through their photos and sending them my way. Before long you'll have more than you want to see. The short video clips my older son Randall put together showing the "bug lady" night tour at La Paloma along with my son-in-law Marcus's interpretation are going to be something you and your company would have great fun viewing at your company's next team meeting. Everyone who watches it will have to be sworn to secrecy because it might look like we are making fun of the lady but we would not want the her to change anything about her interesting event. The video is so funny.

If the service that you gave us is typical of what Costa Rica Expeditions offers its clients, it is no wonder that your company has such a great reputation. We appreciate all that you did to make memories for a lifetime.
-Helen, Lafayette, LA

Aug 14, 2008.- Our favourite hotel was Tortuga Lodge - so beautiful, so well run, great staff and with excellent food.
Hola Luis: Im writing to thank you for arranging an amazing holiday for us. We loved Costa Rica, it was everything we hoped for. You and Costa Rica Expeditions are to be congratulated on your efficiency, courtesy and your excellent properties. Please give our very best regards and thanks also to Nils, Troy and Maurizio for being such excellent ambassadors for your country and company. Thanks also for arranging at such short notice that extra plane trip from Arenal to Samara; it was really worth it, and felt very special having a plane all to ourselves. In fact one thing we loved, and which we have never done before, is having transfers all arranged. Its definitely the way to go.

Our favourite places were Corcovado and Tortuguero, and we liked Arenal and Samara a lot too. Samara is so much nicer than Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Our favourite hotel was Tortuga Lodge - so beautiful, so well run, great staff and with excellent food. Our next favourite hotels would be Corcovado Lodge and Arenal Manoa.
-David McKenzie & Brad Mercer, New Zealand

Jul 1, 2008.- the trip exceeded every expectation. I simply have never met a friendlier, more reliable bunch than the Costa Rica Expeditions folks.
Hi Luis: I just wanted to thank you and share the wonderful letter that I received from my client about his recent trip. Thank you for keeping in touch when I was worried about the weather and thank you for taking such good care of my clients. I will always use you in the futureyou made me look like a star! -Cornelia

"Cindy is right the trip exceeded every expectation. I simply have never met a friendlier, more reliable bunch than the Costa Rica Expeditions folks. They were prompt, courteous and professional, and every one of them clearly has an appreciation for their surroundings that we Americans sadly lack. The country is magnificent and so different from place to place. All of the guides were terrific, but our favorite was the one who led us down the Pacuare River. He was incredible.

The only remotely unpleasant part of the trip is the city of San Jose. While the hotel (Grano de Oro) was fabulous, the city itself is dirty and a bit scary. We didn't feel safe outside the hotel at all. But again, the hotel is incredible.

Punta Islita is downright phenomenal. The setting was truly spectacular. Of course, you could say the same about Arenal and Tortuguero too. And don't worry about the weather. The only hiccup was that it caused us to have to take a van from Tortuguero to Arenal, instead of the puddle-jumper. Yep, we had a blast - all four of us. What a terrific trip. Thanks very much to you and Luis Cubero for making this the trip of a lifetime. -Tom"
-Cornelia Crawford, Travel Experts, TN

Apr 21, 2008.- Every single reservation you made for a driver, hotel, or tour was perfect.
Hello Luis and the rest of you at Costa Rica Expiditons: I wanted to thank you all for all the hard work you put into making us the perfect vacation. We returned home Wednesday the 16th and still cannot believe that only a few days ago we were rafting down the Pacure River. We had been referred to Costa Rica Expeditions from a friend who traveled with you about a year ago. It was a leap of faith putting all of our travel plans into the hands of someone else, but you far exceeded our expectations and we would recommend you to anyone we know traveling to Costa Rica.

From the moment we landed we were greeted by one of your representatives who directed us through the airport to where the driver met us holding a sign with our names. That was such a reassuring moment for us that everything was going to be alright and we could just relax and enjoy our vacation. The drivers throughout the trip were so nice and accommodating and we never once got lost or had any car trouble which was very surprising considering the conditions of the dirt roads and the lack of any road signs.

We were so impressed that throughout our 10-day trip traveling through many cities and hotels, every single reservation you made for a driver, hotel, or tour group was perfect. We never once had a problem with any reservation and everyone was always on time to pick us up. The voucher book made payment so easy. We never worried if we were being overcharged or worried about traveling with lots of money on us. Having the vouchers allowed us to just enjoy the experience and not worry about the cost.

The itinerary Luis put together was absolutely perfect for us. We really liked having full days at the beginning. A tour in the morning and then one in the afternoon made us feel like we got to see a lot more and did not waste any time. After hearing from other tourists about some of the very long car rides they took between Monteverde and Arenal, and from Arenal to Manuel Antonio, we were very happy Luis had instead reserved the boat ferry across Arenal Lake and the private flight to Manuel Antonio - which for me was one the highlights of the trip.

There was not one tour or activity that we did that I would not suggest to someone else - everything was great. What I would suggest, is you push the overnight trip on the Pacure River. The rafting part was lots of fun and the guides were great, but the best part was the family lodge where we stayed overnight. What a surprise! After rafting hours down the river, stopping to swim in waterfalls, we pulled our boat ashore at what turned out to be a heavenly paradise in the middle of the forest. The rooms were so beautiful, the family was so nice, it was our favorite part of our trip and a perfect way to end a wonderful trip.
-Adam & Jessica Blatt

Mar 24, 2008.- I will surely be visiting again next year!
Hello Luis: I just wanted to thank you for all your help in setting up my trip, it was a wonderful, fantastic time and I will surely be visiting again next year! I would like to send a letter to Michael Kaye, what would be the best address to mail it to so that it will reach him? I also need to send a letter to Natu, and it will have a check enclosed as I was unable to properly tip him at the end of our trip. I want to make sure that he gets it. He gave us his addressThank you so much for your help and I look forward to working with you again very soon!
-Carol Murin

Mar 20, 2008.- "You made our dream vacation a reality!"
Hi, Luis: I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you so very much for the wonderful job you and Costa Rica Expeditions did for us on our vacation. Everything CRE did was flawless. Even when our flight to San Jose arrived four hours late, CRE was there, smiling and friendly, to take us to our hotel at 1:00 a.m. Every pick-up was right on time, every CRE person we dealt with was professional and friendly, every place we stayed was top-notch. We were kept informed of our schedule in a timely and professional fashion, and didnt have to worry about or plan getting from one place to another just show up, relax, and enjoy the ride. We had hoped for a wonderful vacation but expected to need to exercise a lot of patience. Instead, we had a fabulous vacation where, instead, the CRE personnel showed infinite patience with us! I will tell anyone I know who wants to go to Costa Rica that they MUST do it through CRE. You made our dream vacation a reality!
-Ilze Thielmann

Feb 7, 2008.- "We had an excellent time."
We had an excellent time. We worked with Luis Cubero, who was fantastic. Thanks again!
-Russell Wallach

Jan 28, 2008.- Thank you for arranging our trip so well.
We would like to thank Luis Cubero for arranging our trip so well. The hotel was an excellent choice. The staff was very pleasant and helpful and went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. The tours were very well-planned and we learned a lot from our guides, Olivier, Hernan and Michael, and with the expert drivers. It was a big relief to be met by Andres and Jonathan, when I arrived at midnight. I hope to recommend your tours to my friends if they plan a trip to Costa Rica, which is a beautiful country, indeed!
-Meena & Saroja Bhuvaneswar

Nov 27, 2007.- The arrangements made by your company exceeded my expectation.''
Luis: I had a wonderful and most exciting time in Costa Rica (on the River and Rainforest). And the arrangements made by your company exceeded my expectation. I am amazed by the natural beauty of Costa Rica, and how your people have kept it. I am very happy that I made a good choice. Our guide Luis Chinchilla was very helpful, informative and considerate in every way. Would you mind forwarding me his email, so I can share the trip pictures/videos with him. Pura Vida.
-Jie Yu

Oct 13, 2007.- Thank you for your assistance in preparing my travels.
Luis: I want to thank you for your assistance in preparing my travels to Corcovado and for recommending my day outing from San Jose, where my focus was on Poas, but I experienced much more.

I had stumbled onto the Corcovado Lodge on my own and from the website had already determined what to expect, and in spite of having high expectations (usually a recipe for being let down), it still surprised me in what it had to offer. Corcovado was one of the best and most unique experiences I have had in travel and the Osa Peninsula now ranks as one of my favorite places on Earth. Wow.

It is also very important that I thank you for recommending the Best of Costa Rica day tour from San Jose for the time of year I was there as the trip was perfectly designed to enjoy great weather in the location I traveled to, while seeing interesting parts of the country. Thanks again Luis and all the best from a grateful traveler from Canada!
-Mark Dumont

Sep 2, 2007.- Availability via email was seemingly around-the-clock.
Luis Cubero was "the man." He is the reason you will be involved if/when my family and I make the trip back to CR. His availability via email was seemingly around-the-clock and very much appreciated. The lodge and the arrangements were smooth and ran without a hitch. Thanks!
-Keith Bevans


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