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Created in 1978, Costa Rica Expeditions continues to set the pace with a year-round program of wilderness and nature adventures in one of the world's most biodiverse and richly-populated wildlife zones.

With appeal for most all travelers, particularly those seeking escape to remote wilderness areas with comfortable accommodations waiting at the end of the day, Costa Rica Expeditions blends adventure-packed itineraries led by expert, bilingual naturalist guides with surprisingly luxurious lodgings set in Costa Rica's wildest corners.

Costa Rica Expeditions is recommended by more guidebooks than any other company in Costa Rica. It has designed and guided travel within the tropical wildlands it knows so well for such respected institutions as the National Geographic Society, the National Audubon Society and the World Wildlife Fund. Costa Rica Expeditions also operates trips for International Expeditions, Abercrombie and Kent, Wildland Adventures, Wilderness Travel and many other top-line tour operators.

Costa Rican Adventures
Costa Rica Expeditions offers a range of adventures, from day tours to the , 9-day Costa Rica River & Rainforest and the 7-day Multisport itineraries. Our newest fixed departure (group) trip is the 8-day Ultimate Costa Rica Adventure, an action-packed multisport vacation. One- to three-day white water rafting trips are offered through Costa Rica White Water.

Dozens of custom itineraries are available by matching one or more of the wilderness lodges of Costa Rica Expeditions with guided tours - "Expeditions" and "Odysseys" - of surrounding habitats. Costa Rica's compact yet diverse topography enables the visitor to see active volcanoes, lush tropical forests, white water rivers, mountainous terrain and Pacific and Atlantic coasts in a week or less. Costa Rica Expeditions offers a varied and accessible brand of ecotravel, with as little or as much "roughing it" as the traveler desires.

The Guides
With university degrees in botany, zoology, biology, behavioral ecology and coastal ecosystems backed by extensive empirical experience in the field, the master naturalist and naturalist guides of Costa Rica Expeditions are more than qualified; they are expert at revealing the subtle mysteries of Costa Rica's magnificent wilderness.

"Without question, our guides are the single most important element of a successful trip," says Michael Kaye, Costa Rica Expeditions President and CEO. "After their trips, I have asked hundreds of people what was the most important factor that determined the quality of their trip. 'The Guide' is far and away the most frequently heard, and passionately-held, response." The guides of Costa Rica Expeditions provide the interpretive elements necessary for a rewarding journey through the rainforest, share personal insight into local traditions and customs, and in every sense are a guest's "escort to exploration."

At minimum, guides take the hassle out of travel. Their maximum potential benefit is as hard to quantify as, say, the value of friendship. But the quality of Costa Rica Expeditions' guides comes with a money-back guarantee.

The Lodges
The wilderness lodges of Costa Rica Expeditions - Monteverde Lodge, Tortuga Lodge and Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp - feature architecture, levels of luxury and settings that are as varied as can be found in Costa Rica. Monteverde Lodge: a post-modern building set in a world-class botanical garden in the misty mountains of Monteverde; Tortuga Lodge: a deceptively simple tropical lodge on the edge of a slow-moving rainforest river that local people still ply in dugout canoe; and Corcovado Lodge is a basic tent camp perched above the Pacific and in front of a thick rainforest. All share an underlying philosophy and integrity that sets them apart from other lodges.

The wilderness lodges of Costa Rica Expeditions are labors of love, love for the wild and beautiful places they help preserve and provide access to, and love for the ancient art of innkeeping. They are integral and organic with their settings, providing simple elegance and complex comforts. And they are staffed by people who are guided by four words: "Legendary Service and Unforgettable Memories."

Each lodge offers tours that take full advantage of its natural assets. At Corcovado Lodge Tent Camp, there is a good chance that guests will see recent signs of jaguar, tapir, ocelot and peccaries, the large mammals that have come to symbolize the tropical rainforest. Corcovado's innovative tree platform puts guests hundreds of feet into and above the rainforest, the best place to see the bustling wildlife of the rainforest canopy.

The gardens at Monteverde Lodge steep visitors in the rainforest, steps from their deluxe rooms (and Monteverde's giant Jacuzzi spa). Tortuga Lodge, situated on the Caribbean coast, is surrounded by water, and here you are immersed in a world where the rainforest merges with ancient rivers in lush, primeval rhythms.

Savegre Mountain Lodge is a privately owned lodge of such exceptional quality that it enjoys a special relationship with Costa Rica Expeditions. At an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level, Savegre is a family farm with a clear trout stream running through it, surrounded by one of the finest examples of highland cloud forest on the planet.

Recommended Hotels
Costa Rica Expeditions also arranges lodging for its guests at more than 50 recommended lodges and hotels and several vacation rental properties in Costa Rica.

Adventures and Sightseeing Tours
Day trips to Costa Rica's volcanoes - Arenal and Poas - offer close interaction with some of the most active volcanic cones on the planet, providing a view into the Earth's very core. Birders are sure to add to their life lists at La Selva Biological Station, a jungle reserve where more than 400 bird species have been spotted. These and more traditional city and country sightseeing excursions and activities are all part of Costa Rica Expeditions' catalog of adventures. See a list of day tours from San Jose.

Costa Rica White Water
Costa Rica may have more world-class rafting rivers than any other country in the world. Costa Rica White Water was the first rafting company in Costa Rica and performed exploratory expeditions on all of the country's most popular and commercially run rivers.

Costa Rica White Water now offers Connoisseur Rafting, a different brand of river running experience, where quality never gives in to quantity and where clients are secure in the knowledge that their elite guides are the finest and most experienced in Costa Rica.

Children and Costa Rica Expeditions
Traveling as a family in Costa Rica gives children, parents and grandparents an opportunity to enjoy each other's company in beautiful, exciting surroundings. Costa Rica Expeditions offers trips for the adventurous family in search of fun, active learning experiences while on vacation. When kids arrive at a Costa Rica Expeditions property, they're instantly taken under the wing of the whole staff, and taken care of by waiters, guides, gardeners, receptionists and cooks. Costa Rica is still the "village" that raises children, and Costa Rica Expeditions offers customized itineraries for families for kids of all ages.

For More Information
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